Thursday, June 16

From Lunar to Lunatic

Last night, I was up to almost the whole time to witness the Lunar Eclipse of the century. Indeed it was a divine experience and of course the opportunity of multiple lifetimes. I feel charged up today with positive energy despite the fact that I overslept today and skipped the routine workout :D
So, it happened, I was standing in the balcony with my brother to look at the brilliant view, when the brother was tired and bored to stand and decided to continue with his Mortal Combat, I stood in the balcony with my camera (Point and Shoot of course *sigh*), to get lucky and get some shots of this phenomenon. 
The shots weren't that great, but I still managed to get one or two sexy poses from the celebrity of the night, when, all of sudden, there was one huge blinding bright bolt of lightening in the sky. A few birds, must be crows, guessing from their size and shape flew around and by the time I could understand what was happening or get my camera to take a tour around, the batteries of the camera ran out and it made a bye bye sound. I was kind of surprised and shocked to see the batteries dying because I had charged them already for this show. But that was not end of the show. In fact, it was the beginning. Yes. 
The daring person I am, and I am (in)famous for it in my family, I decided to stay there and keep witnessing the cool dude getting eaten up. It was nice. Actually, brilliant, magnificent, splendid, enchanting and what not. It was an extra ordinary beauty. 
One Shot from my Point and Shoot camera.
And then, came the time when it was gone. Completely eaten up, a red ball of fire was visible. How I wish I could click that picture. It was so very sexy, making me want to fall in love. The whole phenomenon turned into divinity.
It was when I started seeing or imagining or visualizing moving shadows of like a wolf face and paws in whatever was visible of the moon after full eclipse. With my camera dead and my phone unable to capture the beauty or spookiness, I was left with nothing to record that very moment, I picked my iPod and typed this as status on Facebook. 

 "My camera batteries ran out all of sudden and I can see shadows moving in whatever is visible of the moon after the full eclipse. This is NOT a set of a horror movie. If I am found dead, treat this as my testament."

As soon as I tapped the 'Share' button over there, thanks to Punjab State Electricity Board, there was a power cut resulting in interrupted wi-fi connection which dint post my status. Honestly, I freaked out for one moment. 
But then, the guts returned and I everything went back to beautiful. The wi-fi resumed and the status was posted. I was way too tired and bugged by the mosquitoes by the time the moon remained eclipsed and before it could resume being uncovered, I had slept peacefully in my bed.
And as un-expected, I woke up alive. :D

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Anonymous said...

Mortal Kombat with a K! Hope your brother doesn't find out you typed the name of the most awesome game invented wrong! hats off to your brother, he actually did something good with his time. :P

The moon did nothing special on this side of the world. I'd rather watch the sun anyway.

akanksha said...

Oh now I wish I should have stayed up :(
I was too tired to be awake, all by myself and decided to sleep.

On a completely different note, I would have definitely talked to u if I would have known I was coming to Amritsar dear.We were returning back from Himanchal to Delhi, and all of a sudden, we decided to hit Amritsar instead...was there for just a few time, Pakka! :-)

Anwesa said...

Mazaa aaya padh k :) Murphy's law at its best :)

Richa said...

@ The Lover,
yea right, Kombat!

And honestly, gaming over Eclipse is a bad choice. Even if it is NFS :P

Richa said...

@ Akki,
Yea, I would say, you should have stayed up :) but no, I know at times we are too tired to even eat or sleep :)

and about your trip, I would ve seriously loved to meet you. but its okay, do intimate me the next time you plan or not plan to be here.


Richa said...

@ Anwesa,
;) yea, Laugh at my expense :P

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