Wednesday, June 29

A Punch in the Face of Pyaar.

Spoiler Alert for the people who haven't yet watched Pyaar ka Punchnama. Not a review though.

Every woman who watched and liked Pyaar ka Punchnama, must have been thinking that 'Thank God I am not like any of the three girls in the movie'. Which, being honest, is not true. At some point of our lives, we've all been bitches, or done something or other if not exactly like the three women in the movie.

Just because the movie is about the male perspective which was kind of not portrayed so openly yet, and is new to us on the screen, you can not deny the truth that you haven't been like Neha- the all time cribbing, sulking, crafting and putting the blame onto the guy's shoulders; or like Charu- guiling, shrewd, just using someone for your own convenience and then throwing them out like doodh mein se makkhi; or even like Riya- indecisive and manipulative.

Someone on Twitter a few days back said they all the Indian men want this movie to be a nomination in Oscars. Not for 'Best Movie in Foreign Language' but for 'Best Documentary' category.

But that is just the male perspective. 

If the very same movie was made from the woman point of view, the sympathy totally would've been won by the girls, and the guys who have all the pity would have been termed a**holes by all of us. 

Of course, the cutest Rajat- the cry baby, emotionally unstable guy, who after living in with a girl for a while decides to leave her and walks out on her. If the movie was not the guys' POV, Rajat had been the moron of the movie. Also, Nishant a.k.a. Liquid- who would've otherwise been considered to continuously taking chances on a girl new in the office and in the town even after knowing that she has a boyfriend and is going through rough phase of the relationship. He would've been understood as the DESPO trying to manipulate an emotionally weak girl and trying to get into her pants.
And Vikrant a.k.a Chaudhry had been the similar DESPO and POSSESSIVE boyfriend. All of the three falling in the category of dorks.

No, I am still unbiased as far the battle of sexes is concerned. Read my views on the topic, in an older post here

Honestly, the difference is only of perspective. If we consider this neutrally, every married/ in a relationship man on the face of the Earth will be unhappy. So will be every woman. If somehow, everyone decides to remain 'single and happy', this way, the world can not sustain.

Besides, I really liked the movie. there were moments when I literally laughed aloud. The guys were 'not-boring', all three of them and the girls were not 'ugly'. The movie on the whole is very nice.

Also, watch the best scene of the movie here :D

Oh and the P.S.: I happen to know that 'punchnama' literally translates to 'affidavit' and not the 'punch' punch. 

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Anonymous said...

One of the best movies in recent times. I watched it 3 times :P

bondgal_rulz said...

I tto totally loved the movie ya!!!!

But I do think that though not untrue, it was definitely exaggerated!! That Liquid waali chic was too much!!!!

Raam Pyari said...

lols! it was a funny ! i went in with very few expectations so i was pleasantly surprised!

nice blog, btw. blog hopped to yours

☆ Rià ღ said...

Didn't quite like the movie coz it was totally skewed towards men!

Perx said...

actually punchnama is not affidavit but post-mortem..

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