Tuesday, June 14

I Behave Best When..

Yes, I behave best when I am ignored. Because that is when I am me. Even being a typical Leo, one of the main characteristics I don't posses is, I don't enjoy attention. Sounds eerie. But that's how it is. When I know nobody is watching me, I can do, say whatever I want. :)

So when I know I am being watched or given attention, I get embarrassed. Also, I find it funny when people flirt with me. Indeed. its funny. I mean someone telling me things about me in a cheesy way, IS funny.
If you are a Leo and reading this, I am sure you must be thinking 'either she is not a Leo or she is lying'. It's not either that I don't like meeting new people or having friends or hanging out in large groups. But I kind of like camouflaging than standing out and make everyone notice me. Of course I love my individuality, its just that I love observing, more than being observed. :D

I don't like when people judge me. In fact, I hate it. And probably that is a reason why I hate being the center of attention. Of course I enjoy when people are jealous of me. In a large group, I'd like to be a leader, but would rather be participative leader than an authoritative one.

No, I do not suffer any inferiority complex. 
Neither I am shy. I am bold, outstanding and everything a Leo woman is, except I don't enjoy a lot of attention. One of the reasons I hardly have huge parties on my birthdays. :D I like being wished on my birthday, but being adorned with huge shower of love. That too at once. It embarrasses me. Like for real. 

Funny. I know.
You know what to do. Ignore. :P 

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Phoenix said...

Oye hoye Leo sherni... i should have known... Hugzzzzzzz... tum jo bhi ho..jaise bhi ho...badi mast ho!! hugzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

This tells me a lot about you. Very interesting.

Richa said...

@ Phoenix,
:) thanx dearie! hugzz!

@ The Lover,
Judging is not good. #justsaying *shrugs* :P

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