Tuesday, June 21


There are times when we come across people who we think are our soul-mates. Who understand us, who complete us. With who, we can share our deepest, darkest secrets. With who, we can be ourselves. We can verbalize our stupid-est of thoughts and deepest desires with them.
I too have met some people like that. 
For me, every time, that has been a phase. It happened and it went away. Those people left. And then I realized those very people robbed me, they stole my dreams, took away my wishes. As if I was just a source for them. Source of Ideas. 

People use. 

Soul-mates are actually sole-mates, who become Sore-mates and also Sour-mates.

P.S. This post is NOT about Love. 

4 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Me said...

This is about friendship. Yep!

Anonymous said...

It was so easy to mate in the stone age, just pick one and move on. But now, you need to have their souls too. No wonder, people are disgruntled and never find the right ones. :D

Jokes apart, by default, people hurt. It's up to you if you let them or not. Expect nothing and get nothing. Expect something and get hurt. Expect a lot and you end up like me.

akanksha said...

I know what you mean :(

Richa said...

@ You,

@The Lover, i am not talking about expectations here. Done with them. Yes people do hurt, and we give them the authority to do so.

@Akki, :)

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