Sunday, June 26

The Amazing Case of Sub Conscious

Isn't it amazing the way our mind plays games with us. Anatomy, Neurology, I am not a geek to know much about it but it is amazing the way the brain controls us.
Dreams for example. kind of a movie playing in our sub conscious mind. I guess the maker of the first movie ever had been inspired by the dreams. 
Ever noticed the dreams come in retina eye display, LED, technicolor,  Eastman color, black and white and even sepia? Mine do. The pace they play us is unmatchable. Not even a 64x speed matches the speed of the dreams at times.
One moment you are at home, next moment, as you step out of your house, you find yourself in some other city, talking to a friend, the very next moment, you reach your college, and next, your old school. 

Time traveling, teleporting and what not. Dreams give ideas. They give solutions to problems we are unable to solve in our conscious mind, Déjà Vu is new to nobody.
I read somewhere, that according to a study, women in their dreams, see, usually people they know in real life. On the other hand, men see strangers.
Whatever be it, I find it way too amazing. Sometimes there are nightmares, but they don't stop me from looking forward to dreams. And then they want to know why am I so fond of sleeping. :D

P.S. The Sunday effect, I have been sleeping through the day and I still feel like Kumbhakarna. 

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Anonymous said...

Dreams are as real as you want them to be.

akanksha said...

Dreams in sepia :P LOl!!!
Hope you had a dreamy weekend!

Vishant Pachisia said...

I know, right?
Dreams, according to me, are probably the most important thing. :)
However you see them, (like Sepia/Black/White), they guide us in such a great way.
Great blog post. :)

Richa said...

@ The Lover,
Like I said, they inspire :)

@ Akki,
Indeed ;D

@ Vishant,
thanks :)

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