Tuesday, February 24

A so-not-ordinary tale V

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And the entrepreneur of the year award goes to... MR. GHAINT!!
With this award, he announced his retirement and also the successor to his empire- his daughter Ms. Dimple. To congratulate him personally, type CONG space your message and send it to 555555.

She switched off her television. 40 years, s
he thought. And he named his daughter after me.. She picked up her cell phone and typed the message.
CONG I knew I would see you someday on TV.

Half an hour later, her phone rang, private number calling..
“Dimple? Is that you?”

“Ghaint? Congratulations..”
“I knew you could not hold back after seeing me on TV”

“and your daughter..”

“Yes that’s your name Dimple..”

“That’s so sweet of u..”

“How’s your family? How’s Vikram??”

“He passed away two years back in a car accident.”

“Oh I am sorry.. For not being there when you needed me..”
“Its all right.. How about Nikita?”
Oh.. She has pursued the path of moksha.. Learning the Art of living..”
“Don’t tell me”

“I am telling you”
“Should I be sorry??”

“oh no, no need.. But I miss her, she was a good wife..”

“I understand.. After Vikram..”
“So where are you now?”

“Nainitaal. I love this place. Vikram built us a cottage here to spend our late years. He ditched me, but then I came here alone..”

“Alone?? Are you crazy?? I am coming tomorrow..”
“Its all right. I am doing fine..”

“I am coming tomorrow.”

And he disconnected.

Next day, when her door bell rang, she found those teenage butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. She opened the door and they stood looking at each other for a while.
She asked him to come in and he embraced her in a tight hug. It was affectionate and warm, of old friends.
She made him coffee and they sat talking about the beauty of the town.
All of sudden, he said "you have aged gracefully, u
look beautiful than ever".
She bantered "but you have a receding hair line"
“Abhi to main jawan hoon" he sang.
"You are humming a 150 years old song and say you are young. How ironic"
And this made them roll laughing.

They had dinner and sat on the couch talking, about each other's lives. That’s when he said "I have missed you in my life- in each high and low, I wanted you to be there, to have stood by me"
"I too have missed you"

"I am sorry Dimple."
"No Ghaint, I have been very happy with Vikram."

"I am sure you have been. But I still want you.. Badly. Its not too late, we can still start afresh"
And he hugged her tight.

“Do you remember I always used to say that I wanted to die in your arms?” Dimple muttered after a while.
"Thanks for granting that wish of mine"

“What rubbish Dimple?” And he jerked her away from the embrace.
"Dimple!! Dimple!! No you can’t do that to me.
Open your eyes Dimple!!”

Her eyes were closed. Her face had a startling glow. She had a blindening aura. Her wish was granted..

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mayz said...

awwwwwwwwww...i mean seriously awwwwwww....thats all i cud come up wid...awwwwwww...wait *stupid moist eyes*...awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! :)

Jagjit said...

Awesome ending. Like a movie. The start was really unexpected and as it unfolded, it was building up and in the end.... Just amazing! Hats off Richa...:)

ANWESA said...

an ending dat i nvr xpected in d wildest of my dreams...but a subtle n nice nding..

Ria said...

wht an ending babe! u r really an amazing writer.

Phoenix said...

aww girl u really are good at this!! good job!!

btw i finally did your tag :)

Anonymous said...


Tushar Mangl said...

Now this story is finally over
when am i reading the next one???

Anonymous said...

i have never been so much at peace....
this truly touches that chord in my heart... :D:D:D and i m smiling that forevr smile.. thank you

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Very unexpected ending. good one!
Rest I already told ya :D.

Kartz said...

One word - awefreakinsome. Period.



Chriz said...

tears//... sob.. amazing

Netika Lumb said...

Heart wrenching..
this is by far the most beautiful romantic story ever written. It isn't only about paths converging, diverging, love, sensitivity, friendship, bonding, fulfillment..It is about all of them. :)
Way to go..

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