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Anecdote Platter- Cinemascope

Being a movie buff, I have watched numerous movies in theatres with my friends and family- during exams, in scorching summers, freezing winters and even in dripping rains (Amritsar doesn't still have multiplexes [:(]), some movies have formed anecdotes in my mind that I'll never forget. Presenting a few here..

Anecdote 1
Movie: Pyaar me Kabhie Kabhie (remember that Dino Moria, Rinkie Khanna debutanat, oho yaar one with 'Musu Musu Hassi')
Year- I guess 1999
Dress Code (we were in Xth class)- Dungarees (hot 'in' those days).
First movie which i went with friends. The movie was my idea. Movie was big flop, so was the idea- fellow people kept on blaspheming me laters for days[:!] (no comments)

Anecdote 2
Movie: Dil chahta hai
Year: 2001
Class: XIIth
With a bunch of friends (I am afraid if u use 'a bunch' 20-25 ppl), one day before examination, movie was a hit, had loadzzz of fun.. For further details, refer to my previous post "Dil kya chahta hai??".

Anecdote 3
Movie: Rehna hai tere dil mein
year: 2002
class: XIIth
Fewer friends this time, it was a Saturday, we went after school, reached a li'l late, movie had started, it was stark dark in the hall, eyes hadn't yet adapted to surroundings, the 'Mumbaiya' song was going on. Tucked hands, we moved in a row towards our seats. We were enjoying the movie till intermission but as soon as the lights turned on in the break, stunned us looked around to find nobody else in the whole theatre. For a moment our breaths struck and our hearts missed one beat but then we were relieved to see 2 couples sitting in the alternative row behind ours. We all smiled at each other only to welcome the girls from the couples on joining us when the guys too left after the interval. But even though, movie was good, I fail to understand why was it a flop.

Anecdote 4
Movie: Hum Tum
Year: 2004
Class: Sem 4
D, PJ n I went this time. I was loving the movie. In the intermission, I asked D if she liked the movie or not, hesitating, she told me she doesnt know what was happening in the movie. On being asked why, she simply said let the movie begin I'll tell u why. And when the movie restarted, she pointed towards another movie going on in the row preceding ours in between a couple. She was engrossed in the Adult movie, while PJ n I changed our seats to watch 'Hum Tum' on the 70 mm screen.

Anecdote 5
Movie: Kyon!! Ho gaya na..
Year: 2004
Class: Sem 5
I had planned this movie with my old girl friends of not my college, and while I were trying to sneak out of the class, my frnz caught me in between and then they accompanied me along.
The guys had already seated themselves and the 'hall boy' was guiding people to gravitate down while we were all busily and blindly looking for chairs to settle down. The 'hall boy' dint know we were all together and as we were approaching towards them, he said "ladies ki seats udhar hain". One guy out of the group blurted out "ye ladies humari hi hain" not realizing what could it mean!! Rippling on the crackle pot, we finally managed to sink in the chairs to watch the movie. The movie was bore, my idea again flopped!!

Anecdote 6
Movie: Bunty aur Babli
class: Sem 6
D, PJ n I again, weekday, scarcely populated theatre.
Three of us were seated in the middle of the row when another two gals joined us to be seated right next to me. The gal next chair was kindda stinking and I asked D n PJ to shift one chair each so I could breathe but noo luck.. She too shifted to be next to me again.. I asked my frnz for moving to another row and finding relief I enjoyed the movie till interval. But that wasn't my day.. After the interval, that stinky gal found me again..[:(]

5 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

saurabh said...

i think u have a great memory... also u watch series of best movies..

Richa said...

lolz.. i wud accept the memory thing as a compliment.. but i read somewhere "low memory is the key to happiness"..
n yes indeed.. i watch movies a lot.. abstract, comedy, action, romance, animation, whole lot of them..

Mayank said...

U reminded me of my first movies in theatre with school friend.I was in 7th, movies named "Godzilla"..... Still remember that GIANT.... Thanks

Richa said...

school took us so mny movies too.. dunstun checks in, godzilla, jurrasic park, titanic, machis n loadz more but pyaar me kabi kabhi was the first one independent with friends

Shimmer said...

Loll!! on the empty theater and the Adult movie!! :D
surely! theaters do have lots of tale to tell. each movie is an experience

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