Sunday, July 20

title soojh nahi raha

So where have I been for so many days?? Dint write anything because I happen to bounce into these two books, could not put them down before finishing. One for its goodness and other for boredom.
One is "The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur". Now this book I would define in the protagonist's lingo.
I am going to the book store and buying this book along with two other books. Now I choose to read this book on second number after "Tuesdays with Morrie". When I am opening this book and starting reading this book, I am finding Gopal very interesting and funny man. His journey to the US is fascinating, also the letters he is writing to his brother back home are extremely comic. I am reading this book on and on and am not able to put it down. I am only stopping in between reading the book to laugh my heart out. Gopal's language is very funny but he is very thoughful and intelligent and how he is starving for getting laid throughout his one year stay in US is humorous. His vegetarian cats are specifically zany and how finally he is fulfiling his desire in the end of the book is ludicrous. I rate this book ****n half.

And the other is book "Sumthing of a Mocktale by Soma Das". I dint like the book particularly. The author (I donot intend to speak bad of her) has not framed the book nicely, spelling mistakes aree too many to ignore and about grammer she has made the disclaimer that she doesnt know it.
No story line is there, the book doesnt seem to proceed. In one chapter she is explaining her first day of college and in nexter she is telling about her campus, teachers, fellow students, trips and stuff common to all those going to college. The sequence is quite messy. She advances to third semester and then comes back to her first day in college. In all, besides recalling own campus days, I would rate the book with **n half stars. (the extra half one for the humor she tried to put in).

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