Thursday, July 10

Obsession or Love

While swapping the channels last night on the idiot box, I chanced to get a glimpse of the movie ‘Tere Naam’. It was a hit, but I dint like the movie in the first place, though being a movie buff, could not gather my courage to watch it till the end.
This aspect of love scares me, rather it scares everyone.
Blackmailing the other person in the name of love is pure torture.
One side effect of close friendship is when the ‘infatuation’ or ‘liking’ factor arrives in between close friends, carrying on with normal friendship becomes impossible.
I am a common friend to such a case.
The guy started falling for his closest friend. Even though being aware from the day one that she will never get involved, he developed an obsession for her. When it became intolerable for him, he finally told her expecting an explosive reaction from her end. She tried hard to persuade him to be normal with her and forget all this rubbish for old times’ sake. But he came down to emotionally blackmailing her. Threatening her that he will do something to himself and she will be responsible. This mania of his took the girl into depression.
The reasons being-
a) She could not see her once best friend in such pathetic condition,
b) She wanted to get back being friends,
c) She took it to her nerves that someone was suffering because of her.
It is a real distress for a person when someone tries to beguile them inducing into a relationship when they are genuinely not interested.
Some guys take this rejection as their male ego issue, unable to take that how can the girl dump them. And another new season of emotional blackmail, perseverance, and torture starts. Gaining sympathy is one weapon guys generally use with girls. They pretend to be in such pain and wretchedness that the girls commiserate them and fall in the trap and start comforting them. As the time lingers, the girl, who initially had no feelings from the heart for the guy, begins to apprehend the trap, feels ditched. She makes out everything falling in the place and the forced relationship takes the turn towards hatred and reaches height of tolerance and the friendship factor is long forgotten.
The sole motive of this whole crap is I strongly feel that contrived relationships donot work out and the friendship factor also goes in vain. And once it goes, friendship doesn’t come back.

“Rehman dhaaga prem ka mat todo chatkaye,
Jode se phirr na jude, jude to gaanthh pad jaaye”

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Mayank said...

Being a Boy, I feel it and know it...

Decent of choice of words with great Vocabulary...

Richa said...

Thank you loadz..

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