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Rohan had just entered the class on the first day of his 'post- grad' when he was awestruck at an innocent face sitting at the first desk. During the introduction round in the first lecture, he heard her melodious voice telling the class that her name was Amrita. Rohan could not take his eyes off her. Those curly eye lashes, those silky hair reaching the waist of her jeans. So simple and yet so beautiful.
In the break, when all the students were interacting with each other, Rohan approached Amrita and there was an instant bonding between the two. He found her nice, down to earth and caring.

While Rohan was a chatter box, Amrita was a listener. He used to go talking for hours and Amrita would listen to him very patiently. He would tell her about his ambitions, his dreams, his plans, his family and what not and Amrita would lend him an ear, she was turning out to be a vessel Rohan could empty himself into.
Their connection was getting stronger with every passing day.

Rohan dint tell Amrita of the attraction he felt towards her but he never failed to convey her that she was his closest friend.
He was aware of the huge social distance between the two families and he was afraid of the status Amrita's father had in the city. She came from a renowned family of the city while Rohan was an ordinary middle class guy who had the responsibilities of a father-less family. Amrita too was sensitive to the consequences of their relationship of more than friendship.

Each day brought them closer. Amrita would look forward to each new day to see Rohan and discover yet another aspect of his versatile personality. She found him a friend, a buddy, a very lively person who could see her soul through her eyes.

Second semester approached and the college trip was announced to Shimla. They were both eager for the trip as they knew deep down that their intimacy will certainly grow during the outing. It was the second day of the trip and Amrita wasn't feeling well and she she decided to stay back at the hotel while others were ready for the excursion. Rohan too accompanied her. While they talked this and that, Amrita felt an unusual uneasiness in Rohan's behaviour. She asked him what was bothering him. Rohan dint say anything, he just lay his head in Amrita's lap. She knew this had to happen, she answered by keeping her head and holding on to his back. Nothing was said, and nothing was left unsaid. They were both absorbed into each other and noting else mattered at that moment. The corners of their eyes went wet. They were together into a relationship that would last 'forever'.

Time was lingering, weaving them together more tightly. They became inseparable.
It was their third semester and Rohan was among the first few people to get placed. He got a nice package in an MNC and locally. He was very happy and even happier was Amrita. She too was looking forward for her placement besides her families' pressure of not appearing for them, they wanted to get her married in a decent family as soon as possible as they still dint know of Rohan and her relationship. She dint want to tell them by the time her final semester was over. Anyhow she managed to keep her parents from getting her engaged, reasoning them that she wanted to work for sometime and not waste her education.

Their last semester approached and it was time to bid adieu to the college and Rohan joined his job and Amrita too found a job in a bank through her father's reference. They had decided to announce their relationship after an year of their respective careers. They knew amrita's family would have problems initially, but a Little effort will calm them down ultimately.

They were both happy. Rohan was now earning and helping his working mother to get some rest. Amrita was now feeling independent and assuming her responsibilities towards Rohan's family. She knew Rohan's partnership is not going to be a bed of roses for her as she was used to a leisure life but she wanted to be with him and was ready for anything that came in their way.

And something did come in their way. It had just been a few months of their blooming careers when Rohan met with an unfortunate accident that took his right arm. Amrita did not lose her strength, she stood by him all the time in the hospital, she left her job, took his care, made him eat, washed him, talked to him, consoled him, and most of all loved him.
Rohan was astonished at her perseverance. one day at the hospital when she could not control and broke down in Rohan's presence, he said "Amrita thanks for everything you have done for me. I will be indebted to you forever for loving me to this extent, but now since I am incapable and handicapped, please go and dont spoil your life."

Amrita was stunned to hear all this. all she could manage to reply was "Rohan, had I lost my arm, would you have left me??" and she walked out of the room. He felt guilty and ashamed. When she came back in the evening to see him, he said he was sorry for what he said. Amrita gave him her brightest of smiles and just said "Rohan, some relationships are forever"...

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Mayank said...

It resembles my story but in the end, I wasn't that lucky!!!!......

All Right, Keep it Up Lady!

Richa said...

oh that is really dolorous to know... I would juz say "whatever happenes, happens for good".. trust in God and watch what better is in store for you..

simply my ideas said...

nice story..... but i believe ..Love usually is projected in sense of g/f and b/f or husband/wife. I believe there is much more to it in form of family specially mom and dad. They love the kids and deserve something better than whats usually delivered to them :)
But as u said, all what happens happens for Good under his will... so it has to be good

Richa said...

Thnx for writing in..
N I agree to wat u say.. i too believe there is nothing in the world that cud be compared to parents affection n family bonding, but as i have made the declaration this one is based on a true incidence n i posted it cuz i wanted to appreciate them..
Thn once again for writing in n keep visiting!!

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