Wednesday, October 29

At- Ta(ck)

I am Tagged again..
Sagar is the culprit this time ;).. I know this one is too early to do another, but stacking it in drafts would be foolishness :D
Here is 'Being Richa'...

I am: prone to mood swings :D

I think: therefore I am :)

I know: I am Super Lazy

I want: A pug

I have: an obsession for Branded Accesories :D

I wish: to visit Italy sometime for a vacation

I hate: getting up early in the morning ;)

I miss: my best friends

I fear: being left alone

I hear: whatever my conscience tells me (I follow it or don’t is just another story)

I smell: burnt crackers all around :(

I crave: for chocolate truffle :D

I search: the reason for my existence on the planet...

I wonder: how I am gonna live if my partner doesn’t know dancing!!

I regret: really nothing!! *proud!!*

I love: getting wet in the rains *blushing*

I ache: when I learn of female foeticide practice from people I know

I was not: this bore when I were young!!

I am not: a very expressive person

I cry: very rare :)

I believe: I’ll be famous someday ;)

I dance: whenever Peppy beats reach my ears :D

I sing: 24X7 (Bure bure hum shaitaan- zara zara bachna re humse ;))

I read: not very often these days (Bad. Very bad.)

I don't always: like getting noticed :D

I fight: against female foeticide

I write: my ‘random toughts’

I win: the fact race- most of the times :D

I lose: contact with people

I never: wish bad for any damn one!!

I always: try to avoid arguments- though discussions are more than welcome

I confuse: some peculiar pronunciations ;) viz. acoustics, vengeance

I listen: only when I want to :D

I can usually be found: at home- unemployment phase :(

I am scared: that I may die without accomplishing the task I have been born for..

I need: desperately to lose some weight *hmph*!!

I am happy: when I am happy :D
I tag: Everyone who is reading this and wants to do it :) juz lemme know who takes it

11 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

preeti said...

I also wanna pug :)
I'll kill you if you lose contact with me :)
and you needn burn calories :)
nicely done !!:)

Keshi said...

Nicely done Richa.

I dun fear what I might not hv done when I die...I fear wut I may DO when Im alive :)



Richa said...

@ preeti
lemme get a pug, ill gift u the offsprings:D
n i lose contact only when i want to :) love yah..
hehe u have no idea how desperate am i to shed some weight..
thnx tonns :)

Richa said...

@ keshi
Thnx dudette!!
sometimes i fear i ll not get to know the purpose n miss it anyways ;) weird thoughts i know :D

*Hugz back*

Chriz said...

i need to desperatly put on some weight..

pug dog.. wowie.. cool...
and i took this tag long back.. was fun

d gypsy! said...


cute answers, some of them...

Keshi said...

yeah Im that scary and do ridiculous things LOL!

**sometimes i fear i ll not get to know the purpose n miss it anyways

I know wut u mean...but always remember that even the things u wont get to DO are part of who YOU are and wut YOUR life is.

So dun worry...we can only DO so much in this short life :)



Richa said...

@ Chriz
Lolz.. yeah i can make tht out u do need to put some weight on.. u can ask me, i have spare ;)

@ Naina
Thnx girlie ;)

Richa said...

@ keshi
yeah i know wat u mean :)
even other wise the only thing I am good at doing is Nothing :D

*Hugz back*

Akshay said...

Neatly done tag!! I love the clock on ur blog!!

Richa said...

@ Akshay
Thnk Yousss..
keep visiting :)

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