Saturday, October 25

Ta(n)G Ta(n)G

Preeti tagged me over this one—yeah I know Honey bunch that U missed me :D
I already have so many tags pending in drafts, thought to publish this one first-- let's follow LIFO.
Tough my blog is full of anecdotes but she says she wants to know me more so here I go--

The Tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.


Your oldest memories
Late 80's
The officer's colony- Sundarnagar- H.P.
I have been the naughtiest kid in the whole family (I still am till date), prone to accidents and tod-fod :D
Paired with my elder cousin- Varun Bhaiya (Massi's son), no kid in the whole world could compete us in mischief. We were the gang leaders (;D hehe)
My grandfather (Naana Ji) was posted in the beautiful hills of Sundarnagar. I would have been some 3-4 yrs old, they had a Surd family in the neighbourhood, whose son- Mandy (Mandeep Singh – I still remember) we never let him play in our team, rather irritated him and teased him over something or the other.
It was a Sunday morning; I and Bhaiya were playing in the sun, making castles with the sand. Head-bathed Mandy came out of his house, (we never missed one chance of making fun of his long hair and that too loose) as always we did laugh over him for a while, but he was cool enough to not mind and wanted to join us for the castle making (I did not like him at all) but I let him, though my bro stared at me with annoyance, but he had recognized the naughty spark in my eyes and let Mandy join us (his loose hair were alluring me to pull them ;)).
I asked Mandy to turn his back towards me and winked at Bro, the moment he turned around, Bro held his arms tight so that he could not move and I hand-filled the sand and put it in his hair, Mandy was fighting us to let him go, he was crying, but the devil inside us was dominant over him :D
When we let him go, he ran to his house and brought his mom to our house to complain- though our moms punished Bro n I for the same, but this is one incidence I can never forget- One mischief that I enjoyed the most and even today, when I am keying it down, the copyrighted 6" smile is present on my face :D

What were you doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago- that makes 1998
I have to be in VIIIth standard.

That was the year when I sipped champagne for the first time in a party :D
That was the year when I lost a bet on gulping 7 bottles of Canada dry in one go (the winner gulped 7 n a half)

Your first thought in the morning
  • Ah... I need to switch the fan on (I guess it was 3 am)
  • Oh let's see why are you up soo early in the morning?? (SMS beep-8 am)
  • Oh why is everything revolving? Is it an earthquake or do I need some more sleep? (8.30 am)

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

  • Drinking Water supply to last a life time
  • Survivor's mannual for Dummies
  • My proud possession- Versace eyewear :D (I did not wanna flaunt, I just love 'em)

    My Kohl pencil (chill guys, I have the birthright to behave Girlish :D at times)

  • (How I wish I had someone I could call 'my boy friend')

  • Preeti- I am gonna die without shopping!!


This year...
2008 is almost over, I really have no short term plans as such, out of the blues occurrences in the near future may provoke metamorphosis..

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?
I'll be 38,
hopefully happily married,
proud mother,
balancing between my family and profession
also if God grants been featured on "Young Turks" @ CNBC (yeah I know I dream big!! :D)

4 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

preeti said...

hey thanks for doing the tag :)

champagne?? cool re. loved reading it :)
googles look awesome. it googled me :)
khoob shoppin karo, jiyo, aish maaro :)
will have an eye on CNBC after 14 years :):)
thanks again!!!

Chriz said...

i am taking this tag.. nice one.. this is the sixth time i am seeing this tag in a blog.. i am so so so so so tempted to take it up

Richa said...

@ Preeti
No ways!!
I have to thank u to lemme do the tag :)

yeah.. though I aint a bevdi, I am a sufie now :D no drinkings anymore, have had my share ;)

Haina!! I juz too love 'em n the is i worked very hard to earn 'em - i bought 'em with my money :">

I am vy good at shopping, i have gr8 taste, my frnz say so n they want me to be with them for making choices:D

keep an eye on the channel through out %) i'll let u know wen it features me :D

Richa said...

@ chriz

u r more than welcome to take this tag, i wanted to tag u personally, but then i thot otherwise, and even otherwise, i juz saw, the "i tag" section was saved from being published :D

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