Wednesday, October 15

The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

Ms. Divya Chhabra
Mr. Manish Arora
Mr. Manish Arora & Mrs. Manya Arora
Dtd- October 13, 2008.

They have a strange ritual of changing the name of the bride at the time of '7 Phere'. (How I wonder, the girl has to leave behind her sole existance- even her name when it is the time to go *sighs!!*)
The wedding was celebrated with great pomp and show
(doesnt it sound like some high school essay :D)

Finally, she was despatched safe and sound with her new family. Functions have been great, saved the reception party, which turned into Monsoon Reception - not just it rained cats and dogs, even hailstorms did not find another day to show up..

The cutest picture >>>>>

Wish You Very Happy Married Life..
Love.. Muaaaaaahhhhh!!!

6 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

chriz said...

do they say, you may kiss the bride...?

Kartz said...

Neat snaps... Hope you had a wonderful time. :)

They kiss, but in private.

Richa said...

@ Chriz
Kartz has obliged ur question :D

@ Kartz
yeah indeed i had gr8 time.. :)
there are other highlights of the celebration, ill post them soon :D

preeti said...

hey richa welcome back after a break :) did you accomplish the task I rendered to you? searched for punjabi mundas??:) and they make a cute couple :)

Richa said...

@ Preeti
thnx a ton sweetums :)
N those punajbi mundas, i told u yaar, those jazzy B type guys over there i really dislike so ull have to wait for me to find u one :D

preeti said...

hey richa you ve been tagged :) visit my blog for details :)

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