Thursday, October 23

A ‘so-not-ordinary’ tale


The protagonist of our story is a girl. A "so-not-ordinary-girl". At least she thought so. Only until..

She always considered herself as "so not ordinary girl", a little more witty than the crowd, not the typical nerd looking, plump, pimple faced, 2 pleads, with glasses on her eyes- not a scholar, but just an above average, smart, alert n not so pretty girl.

Let's call her Dimple- (when even she smiled, her cheeks revealed beautiful trenches).

She read somewhere 'talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish', and she dint only read it, but also experienced it. As I just said, she was a little wittier than the crowd, so whenever she talked senses, the rest would be agreeing on the same wrong facts, and call her foolish.

So she opted the easy way out. She talked less.

In the name of 'friends', she had a few people around her, but then again, the conflicting wits.

Only until this guy knocked on the heavy door of the rock-wall she had built around herself. He had come to deliver a message, but dimple did not even get to know when did he invade that rock wall and entered her life.

Zonal youth festival was the ground where she came across him for the first time, it was not the usual 'first sight click', but there existed some wavelength match, none of them was looking forward even to a friendship, though a faint smile appeared on both sides on the sight of the other.

The festival ended, the guy was back to his place, and Dimple was again busy with her usual routine. She never thought about him or missed him. Anyhow, they managed to add each other in friends list on a social networking site, but never communicated more than exchanging hi/hellos through scraps.

Now this Guy needs a name, so we shall take it to be Ghaint (for non- Punjabis, Ghaint is a peculiar vernacular term used for MIND BLOWING).

It was just a not so ordinary day in Dimple's life; she had had a very disturbing argument with one of her close friends and was feeling quiet low when her phone rang. Some unknown number flashed, she received the call, it was Ghaint calling. She was amused on how did he have her number; he told her that he had a message for her over some event of the festival they met in.

She talked to him for a while over the same and disconnected which after she felt she was no longer low, he had a voice and accent of a very down to earth and humours person which lifted her spirits. That was when the spark had ignited within her, which she pretended to ignore.

She usually avoided any communication with him for she had turned into a loner save a few close friends. Whenever he forwarded her SMS's, she tried not to reply to them, and it seemed a one way communication. Of what she had perceived of him in the few encounters, he was not a despo, he was just friendly.

Eventually, it became hard for Dimple to avoid replying to him for his SMS's were too tricky and witty to be ignored. She was allured to answer them and solve those puzzles. He was turning out to be riddle, waiting to be solved, and dimple could not overcome the temptation of knowing him more.

Ghaint was kindda person she herself was, less friends, more wits. Distinct from the crowd, busy with himself- in his own world, bindaas, cool, and more than talkative.

Gradually, as the story turns out to be, they became friends, the best of friends, dependent, confiding in each other, and now the "so not ordinary" girl was no longer so. For she had come across another "so not ordinary" person.


I may continue this mock-tale.

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preeti said...

do continue soon :)

Chriz said...

i know the climax of this story... for a minute , i was like ; Oh well.. This is my story.. how did you know abt the whole plot...

1) she had a dimple
2) The sms story was the same

Ending was an anti-climx..

Yes all that starts well has to end well.. In some cases, It doesn't end well.. But it just ends


that's wrong.. one should complete such touching stories in one go.. make ur soon sooner..

Richa said...

@ Preeti
I too hope I continue it :)
I am glad u like it so..

Richa said...

@ Chriz
I did not steal it, it is complete my plot, a li'l improvised :D

1) my Dimple has 2 dimples- one on each side
2) sms story is relative in our generation :D

I am myself not aware of the climax yet whether happy or sad, but one thing is for sure- what ever their relationship proceeds to be, it is never gonna end :)

Richa said...

@ Saurabh
I am glad u liked it. I hope to get back soon :)

Not so pagalguy said...

its me its me its me:))))))

Not so pagalguy said...

its me ????????nicely done maam

Richa said...

@ Pagal
I said the protagonist is a girl..
but u seem to be a guy, Dimple isnt U at all... :P

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