Friday, October 10

Wise dun need advice, fools wont take it!!

The people who are connected to me at orkut, know my current tagline over there is "Wise don't need advice, fools wont take it."
And following is a message someone wrote to me regarding this tagline (muaaahhh to Orkut for adding the privacy) :

Sender: Duplicate Profile
Message: "Their is a saying "GURU BIN GYAN NAHI"
Lord's also used to pray their GURU's. Need guidence.
A person should always mention whether he/ she is a hindu or muslim or sikh or esai!
TC "

Someone please elaborate to the message sender what do I mean with this tag line is - I wont take anyone's advice what-so-ever.. And I hope ppl do not ask me to tell him myself, cuz the second half of the statement would be applicable ;)


Check out the "their" in the mssg :D


Besides, I'll keep busy for "My best friend's wedding", till then miss my absence from the blogosphere.. :D

16 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Tshhar Mangal said...

Kya comedy thi yeh

Divya said...

aaaaaaaaaah orkut! thou keep churning one idiot after the other :P

Kartz said...

Ummm... My pride swells when I check "there" English. And I morph into this pompous, bourgeois snob... :P

Now, coming to the author... Do you mean to say that you don't need advice or that you won't take it? I guess the latter... ;-) :P

And reverting to the wonderfool sender... I think he needs one of my homilies on Religion/God... ;-) What say? :-)

Enjoy the wedding buddy...


PS: There are other blogs craving for my attention... So, won't note your absence. ;-) :P

PPS: That whole msg reeks! :D "Lord's also used to...", "guidence"...

PPPS: Fun's over... I'm me again... ;) Peace. Good day.

preeti said...

hey richa enjoy. and see some punjab da munda for me :P:P. cheers :)aahhhh, orkut.... well got no words for it and the kinds who throng there:)

"wonderfool sender" , creative kartz:)

Praveen said...

oh my god..the list of idiots in orkut keeps on swelling everyday. even I got such sermons on religion after I posted something on religious extremism in one of the communities. The guy was trying to convert me into a terrorist..:P
god save these people

Praveen said...

this post inspired me to write a blog..and also helped me in a gr8 way
chk my blog:D for details

Richa said...

@ Tshhar
Comedy to ho gayi yaar mere saath..
oversmart people..
1. i didnot understnd the context of this mssg on the first part
2. i did not understand what the fellow actually wants to say
3. i did not understand what religion has to do with this tag line :D

Richa said...

@ Divya
Agreed totally..
Most irritating is wen the repetetive frnd request wen it was denied the first time..

Richa said...

@ Kartz
Bad vocab and misnomes never fail to annoy me, I dun say everyone can be fluent in every language, but one shud rather use the language they know..

Either ways u take it, either part u apply on me, i dun mind, i may be wise in some asppects and foolish in others, all i intended to say was no trespassing allowed :D

Plz do me favor, frame one rather explosive homily which cud be fwded to such annoying fellows :D

n for all ur post scripts, :D :D

Richa said...

@ preeti
I will definitely enjoy, no liquor reqd for gettin me into spirits :D ;)
nah i dun like those jazzy B types guys they have on Manish's side, Ill elaborate next time, so u'll have to wait for me to find u a punjabi guy ;)

Richa said...

@ Praveen
I like ur post vy much, comment posted over there :D

fibinse said...

You are not alone,richa!
Read this post,

Keshi said...

Im not good at 'advising' :):)


descrying the shadows said...

ha ha ha.. i don have anything more to offer for your *well wisher* here

Chaggoholic.... said...

Well how can live without the gavaars of our world tryin their best at english but not even comin close to hinglish..Luvd it....

Richa said...

@ Fibinse
yeah i know people have a pshychological problem of getting into matters tht do not concern them!!

@ Keshi
Thnx for dropping in, keep visiting..

@ Sid
i guess nobody can say anything over here :D besides a few duplicate profiles

@ Chaggoholic
misnomes i said, never fail to annoy me :D
n another example of "i wants frandship u" ;)

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