Friday, January 2

Kick Starting the New Year

What could be a better way to kick start off new year.
Well, I have been awarded all over again- read- showered with awards.

I am soo touched by the sweet gesture Jagjit- the Advertisingh made- the custom made award, with my name engraved on it.. I love it :) thnx buddy..

He says

Because you are sweet, because you remind me of my days in Chandigarh, and because you can manage seven blogs, which is something. Way to go!

I mean sweet is an adjective which I am rarely associated with, hence, this award is even special to me. And yeah, the clue he has given, updates following :D

Raka, when she tagged me few days back, I said, 'to me, she is a friend in making', but now, I believe, she is friend for life time. She has elated me not only with granting me certain privileges (yeah read on, it is following), she has showered with awards, not just, not just two, but five in a go!!

And, its high time now I too must pass on these awards, being mean, I have kept all my awards to myself, so Here I am, passing on too :D But I aint too generous ;)

<<<<<<<< Goes to Kartz, get back being frequent buddy :)

Goes to Tushar and Arjun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<< Preeti., Divya, Divinediu (blogtwin)

Free spirited award to Pranav and Twisted Elegance>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<< Keshi and Preeti

Jagjit, Gauri and Pankhuri >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Awards are done, its the time for a piece of news now.

I started writing almost one and half year back, and this long journey had been refreshing everyday. I came across many people, read their opinions, views, commented on them too, made friends too, and now this journey which I started alone, has become a caravan. Cutting the preface, I have now membership to 6 other blogs, besides my own Bare twaddle you know of.

Jagruti- the voices of Indians about our social issues.

Readers Paradise- the book lovers retreat.

An Ensemble- a platform to advertise blogs and link exchange campaign,

Just vent it out- a club where all the frustrations, opinions can be dumped no matter how illogical they may be.

Bon Appetit- A new cook blog where we flaunt our culinary skills and share yummy recipes.

and last but not least,

Femme Fatale- the exclusive girl lounge. where we express out girly side un- censored. This is an all girl blog, where we, the buddies, gonna hang out, gossip, rant, make revelations and confessions, share fashion and beauty tips and recipes, discuss love and relationships spices and woes, to be naughty and mischievous.

Dun forget to drop in ;)

Signing off for now..


27 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Geraldo Maia said...

From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

Pranav Kumar V said...

Good lord!! For a second I thought you said 'Rockin' Girl Blogger'!! But yeah, 'Free Spirited' is more like it... :D

Thanks for my first award of the year... :D And am sure the graph's going upwards from here!! :)

And am glad you wrote about Jagruti and Bon Appetit!! Will swing by soon...

Until later, see you when I see you... :)

Anonymous said...

congrats 4 da awards :)

divinediu said...


divinediu said...



Chriz said...

i am more interested in the girly blog.. what should i do? can my girl friend join that!!

Kartz said...


Muchas gracias señorita...


Trinaa said...

congrats congrats congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!
u deserve many more tho.. :D

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Richie Rich!!
thanks for this lovely award:) and thanks for the tag also..wich il be doing soon:):):)
take care

Phoenix said...

congratulations mam!! you just deserve it :D and more


ure a darling!!! love u loads... :D

here's hoping many more blogs come your way!! :)

Praveen said...

congrats on the award..
a gr8 way to start the new year..

hope u write more exciting posts in the coming years and win more such awards!

Keshi said...

aww ty so much Richa! :) *HUGZ*

And congrattz to u and all other winners too!

I'll add ur name on to my current post...:)

Hv a good one luv!


Dewdrop said...


Femin Susan said...


Arjun said...

Congrats Richa..!!
U weren't generous.. But my name was there... hehe...
Thank u so much..
Btw, I'm that Arjun ryt??

Anyways.... Even with me, blogging has been such a whelming experience.... I can't imagine what i would be doin on he internet if not for blogging.. hehe

Cheers n thnks once again...


Richa said...

@ geraldo

hello, n thnx.. :)

Richa said...

@ Pranav

free sprirted has to be yours :)
u r welcome :D

yeah, i wanted to talk to u n invite u for jagruti anyways, sure do visit..


Richa said...

@ sam


@ Blogtwin..

welcome buddy..

Richa said...

@ Chriz

sure!! :D

@ Kartz

u r welcome :)

Richa said...


thnx buddy :)

@ Gauri

welcome buddy :)


Richa said...

@ Raka


love u too...

Richa said...

@ Praveen

thnx buddy :)

@ Dewdrops

thnx.. :)

@ Femin Susan

thnx. :)

Richa said...

@ Keshi


thnx buddy..

n so sweet of gesture was tht...


Richa said...

@ Arjun

tnx buddy..

yeah u r ryt, u r the winner of the award :)
n u r welcome :D


Jagjit said...

Hey thanks for the award. Lovely :) And sorry i was away, so took a long to reply... thanksssss!! i am elated in true sense of the word :)

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Well well well, Richa gets all the awards! njoy buddy!

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Free spirited?

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

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