Wednesday, December 31

2009 Steps Ahead

I have grown up listening to a story that an Angel, who had very long, beautiful, curly hair, used to ask a naughty boy to catch it. The naughty boy was way too lazy to do so and took the Angel for granted. He thought that he'll catch it with its hair when it will tend to leave. And soon, the moment arrived when the angel decided to fly away and the boy, now desperate to catch it, was leaping towards the departing Angel's hair to get hold of it, but the Angel turned around and its hair disappeared. It was bald from the back. And the naughty boy stood repenting.

This Angel was Time.

Every year, with the arrival of December, I find myself in the shoes of that naughty boy. Another year of my life passes and I find myself wondering whether I have justified my one year of life..

Each year, things happen, things go right, things go wrong, we meet new people, become friends, lose some friendships, we achieve our goals, we miss our objectives, we realize things, we understand things, we commit mistakes, we rectify bungles, we dream, we wish, we want things to happen, we want things to not happen.

This is a never ending process. As I look back into the year, I see myself growing up, mentally. I have gained some things, lost too. I discovered some new aspects of myself, I found myself going for things I had never thought of, I made myself learn new things, I forgot some. I understood many things, I could make out the differences in realities and mirages.

But anyways, overall the year had been a mentor. The good things and the bad things taught.

And now, I am all set to march towards the new year. time for clebrations. Time for learning new ventures, new lessons, time to take new tests.

And, I choose not to take/ make any resolutions, I have decided to take the life as it comes to me.. :D

Here are my wishes for the new year---

Happiness deep down within.
Serenity with each sunrise.
Success in each facet of your life.
Family beside you.
Close and caring friends.
Health, inside you.
Love that never ends.
Special memories of all the yesterdays.
A bright today with much to be thankful for.
A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.
Dreams that do their best to come true.
Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.

And yeah, this post also marks a Century of my Random Thoughts i.e 100th post of the blog :)

Raising a toast for the occassion is a li'l bit old fashioned, so its the time to use the lemons 2008 threw at you, I am pouring all tequila shots :D



Signing off for now..


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35 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Writing for Crows said...

correction Angel? or no.

Well said. Lovely post.

Happy new year to you as well. :)

Richa said...

thnx for pointing out, i changed it :)


Chriz said...

the last photo really was sooper cool.. i feel like taking a couple of shots... i have the salt in my hand now .. all ready..

have a wonderful new year.. and i am back very soon .. in 12 hours..

pisku said...

Ah! nice post

And let this be another year
Oh so full of cheer

Tushar Mangl said...

The year 2008 also acquainted me to a wonder full blog and a more wonderful blog author
So another lemon shot from my side.

Happy New Year Girl !!!

Congo on the century.

Cheeerzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pranav Kumar V said...


NO NO NO...!! Try Lemon shots with crushed mint leaves... new fashion!!


See you on the other end of the symphony... :D

divinediu said...

my first drink!!

*grabs, gulps*

Kartz said...

A very happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours...


Will catch up with your older posts soon.

Phoenix said...

wishing you a very happy new year ji!! may it be a fruitful and happy year ahead :)


Praveen said...

wish u a happy new year
and a special congrats on your 100th post..
may you write a 1000 more posts

Divya said...

nice post re!
happy happy new year :D

Keshi said...

Beautiful post Richa!

Lemons or cherries, Im sure we all grew from the experiences in 2008.:)

Here's wishing u all the very best for 2009! *HUGZ*


ANWESA said...

comin here 4 d 1st tym..a beautiful story,a nice poem n a gr8 post.keep blogging.

Arjun said...

true..!! I too have similar thoughts during the fag end....

Congrats on a century..!!

Happy New Year..!!


Free-Fallin' said...

um-uh. why was the angel bald? the naughty kid could've grabbed its cherub dimpled legs, if not the "elusive" hair. whose been tellin' ya these wierd baldy-stories, man?!!
nice way to use up those sour-lemons, though!! lets toast a tequila to that damn bald angel, shall we? have a wonderful year ahead, richa.
ps: i love your blog-template.

Harshita said...

Like Anwesa, I am here for the first time and I am glad I did visit this blog.

This is a wonderful post :)

Hope the new year brings whole lot of happiness for you and the people you adore.

Anonymous said...

*downs tequila shot*
*hugs richa*

'appy 2009 :D

Richa said...

@ Chriz

I cheered up for u guys, i m soo glad u r back :)


thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Pisku
thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Pisku
thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Tushar

OMG look who is here!!

ths soo lovely of u, i must say, it was Tushar, who discovered me in darness n took my arm towards the light :)
thnx to u..

thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Pranav

oh yeah Bewde :P

thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Blogtwin


Richa said...

@ Kartz

thnx n happy new yr to u too..


Richa said...

@ Raka

Hugz back!! :)

Richa said...

@ Praveen

thnx n happy new yr to u too..
n thnx buddy, it juz bcuz of u guys, i am here..

Richa said...

@ Anwesa

thnx buddy.. n keep comin g back even though we ll keep seein each other around the corner, we r partners in crime now ;)

Richa said...

@ Free Falling

my mom :)
angels have wings, i aint talkin about ICARUs buddy :)
sure, we need to cheer the angel/demon, it is the one, who laughs in the end, n sure teaches us :D

thnx n happy new yr to u too..
P.S. thnx:)

Richa said...

@ Harshi

M glad u r here n like Anwesa, keep coming back, we r now partens in crime ;)


thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Ki

Hugs back!!!

thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Ki

Hugs back!!!

thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Divya

thnx buddy

thnx n happy new yr to u too.. :)

Richa said...

@ Keshi

thnx buddy...

Hugz back.. :)

thnx n happy new yr to u too..

Richa said...

@ Arjun

thnx n happy new yr to u too..


Anonymous said...

one of the best post i hv read out here.....

Wish u a very great 2009......

saw the new all female blog too :) wanted to comment on it but the comment form doesnt allow me to. even after putting google id, it doesnt........

can somebody change the comment form n go to teh normal one ?

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