Wednesday, December 24


Okay guys!! Time to face the truth..
I appreciate all your true comments on my last post- the journey towards ready to mingle :D

I know I am being unreasonable, no such man can exist, n may be this is the only reason I am still single :D
and yeah, that post dint convey at all my perceptions or views of LOVE, but it was a pun intended post :D

And I am here in Chandigarh for a vacation and what do I do the whole day, let these pictures narrate the story..

And, I received this e-mail just now "A message from Santa Clause", loved it and thought of adding it over here itself:

If it were in my powers,
I would bring peace and love,
To this world of ours,
But I don't have magic enough,
I can cross the sky,
and pass by the stars,
But I can't seem to stop,
Any of hatred's wars,
I see children on the street,
With no hope left,
in the eyes.
So many homeless people
with no where to sleep.
And my heart cries.
I can't give the things they need,
Oh But God I would try.
I'm only a fantasy,
that once took wings to fly,
Some are deceived,
by the gifts that money can buy,
But those who truly believe,
see the gift with the heart,
not with the eye,
I sometime stop and go to my knees,
and pause,
and I too always pray,
That we will find a end to wars,
and live in peace one day.
For all those who believe in me,
I will continue my cause,
Across the stars,
over the wars,
On Christmas Eve,
For the hearts that still believe,
In Santa Clause

Merry Christmas and season greetings to all..


Kartz bestowed me with the Proximidade award few days back, havent been able to convey him thanks, so here is the official Thanks :) I feel Yaaaayy-ed on having it for the third time :D

12 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Why don't you marry Santa? He seems to be a good man....and he needs someone to help him with his work

Kartz said...

Very picturesque living! :P ;)

Have fun buddy...

Season's greetings to you and all your family!


Trinaa said...

rofl at twisted's comment! santa must b a 1000 yrs old dude..let d grandpa be! :P

n poem's wonderful..but kind of wishful na? ohhh wht d heck..its awesome anyway :D

Anonymous said...

dearie, how do you know he doesn't exist? you never know... it's just a matter of time.

p.s. I deleted my old blog due to studying constraints. It ended up being a bad decision because I need to write to destress. So - check out my new blog, same url!

Twisted Elegance.... said...


Hey! So you say Richa won't let him be? You say she will torture him?

You can't insult her like that! Noways!!

Gauri Mathur said...


Richa said...

@ Twisted

but nahh, Santa is vy cute grandpa n he doesnt fulfil the creterion as well :D

Richa said...

@ Kartz

thnx buddy..

seasons greetings to u too :)

Richa said...

@ Trinaa

hehe i agree buddy :D

n yeah i loved the poem :)


Richa said...

@ Sydney

i hope he appearates :D

yeah sure buddy, i shall come over :)


Richa said...

@ Twisted n Trinaa- again

no ways i wont torture him i love him anyways, he keeps showering me with gifts whole yr through :D

Richa said...

@ Gauri

thnx buddy :)

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