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Anecdote Platter: I miss my Univ

MBA, we were better known as the Mass Bunk Association. The complete 5 years had been rocking in the University. Class rooms, Lectures, Canteens, Parking, Library, Photocopy machines, Coffee corners, Garden of our deptt, freahers, farewells, parties, friends, masti and exams.. (*sighs* those were the days!!)

There is a Punjabi number about college from the movie : Yaaran naal baharaan (springs come with friends)

it says:
College wich padhna v hai,
honde te chadhna v hai,
mittraan ne taurhan kadd ke,
modaan te khadna v hai,
paas v zarror aappan hona,
esse da rona

Translating it, it says- we study in college, mount our hondas (bikes), showing ourselves off, we shall stand at the turns of the roads- gawking, n we gotta pass the exams too, this is what we bother.. It truly defines the college life..

I am gonna share a few anecdotes of my studentship in the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

Anecdote 1.

The day one of my Univ is still the most memorable day of the complete 5 years. I had taken the admission, but since, I had to go to Simla for a family vacation, I had not joined the classes.
So, after a week of the classes, I went to attend my first class, I was damn excited, straight Univ from school, new surroundings, new faces, new friends, new life.

I reached at 8.50 for the class at 9. Empty class. Excited.
9.00, still empty class, tolerable.
9.15, the lecturer arrives. She asks me in vernacular Punjabi (which used to be an alien language to me even after my schooling through out from Amritsar itself) about the rest of missing class, I whine n tell her that I joined today only so know nothing. She decides to wait for another 5 minutes and interview me. I look at her face and she looks back at me as if I were a non- human.
9.20, another girl, skinny, looks like a scholar enters the class and asks the lecturer if she has taken attendance, she whines and asks where the class is, and then the other girl, who is by now understood to be a class fellow announces that the class was on the mass bunk for the day.
I look at her with dilated eyes.

Anecdote 2.
Tech fest by the Computer Science deptt. The Gang decides to put up a Gambling stall 'Lucky 7'.
The idea is - people can stake their money on three of the options- Below 7, Above 7, and Lucky 7, 2 dices will be thrown, whatever sum the dices show, that option shall win and the winners get double their money, and lucky 7 won 3 times their money. 3 days of the game and we minted money :D and celebrated laters on with a deptt trip to Manali. This game not only made us rich, but popular too :D

Anecdote 3.

It is also one of the most embarrassing situations I have landed myself into.

The gratification you derive when you see your toil and efforts being brought to pass is just awesome..
The gang had been working (read: desisting our masti n sleep organizing things) really hard since past 2 months for this.. it had to be a National level fest in which teams from different institutions wud compete for the title "Super Managers of the Future" having to go through a number of levels, passing them, playing best management games.
It was the second day of a "Three day Management-Fest : XANSA 2006", organized by the gang in our insti..
The gang were on the stage of the jam packed audi- capacity 2000, with curtains pulled on, making seating arrangements for the participants of the next game: the finale for the "AD MAD SHOW" which I had to host. And it happened such that the DJ (please read the useless guy) happened to play Shakira's Hips Dont lie, and as the music reached my ears, my other senses started responding and unaware, I too were moving my butt with Shakira's only when I heard the audience giggling and commenting when I realised someone had pulled the curtains off and the whole audi was enjoying my Live performance :D

Embarrassed, i ran back stage, and the rest is history.. Please imagine things that followed.. :D

I guess enough for the day.

Signing off for now..


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Divya said...

hahahaha!! quite embarrassing that would've been :P
mba and masti? really? unheard of actually! ppl say you got to slog and slog and slog a little more!

Born Vagabond said...

haha....Colg days...!!
Hips Dnt lie....hehe...i can actually imagine d scene :)...nice1!!

Anonymous said...

@ anecdote 1: hahaha I WISH we had mass bunks in the US. Everyone attends class religiously and every professor takes attendance with just as much conviction. :P

@ 2: haha that's AWESOME

@ 3: LOL, just LOL.


nice post! enjoyed reading it!

p.s. word verifications make commenting difficult. could you remove them by any chance?

Anonymous said...

U took me to nostalgia trip with this one :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the third one! :D :D :D

Arjun said...

Colg days r fun aint it??
Actually , I'm in the middle of it....
Could kind of relate... :)


Richa said...

@ Divya

:D indeed it was embarrassing..
but yeah, now we have laugh over these things :D

yeah, u bet, we have enjoyed our 5 yrs thorowly.. religiosly.. blv me!!

Richa said...

@ Vagabond


only i cant imagine :D

Richa said...

@ Sydney

thnx buddy :)

n i have removed the word verification thing, i have beenthinking of it since long, but alays forgot, thnx for reminding me :D

Richa said...

@ Sam

imagine how nostalgic had i been while keyin it down..

Richa said...

@ Ki

u enjoyed n i suffered :D

u sadist :P ;)

Richa said...

@ Arjun

u bet, theu r more than fun, they r a life tym :)


Pranav Kumar V said...


And @IDEA 2 : PLEASE... can I flick that idea of yours?? I don't even need to run around for sponsors with something like this!! How good are the odds of making good money with this?? Any tricks?? I'm already, all ready to bunk classes for my Tech Fest though there are some 2 full months to go... :) This'll be the last one I organize!! And from what I experienced last time... its such a joy-ride to be part of the Big Movers during the Tech Fest!! :D

@TheWholePost... The song I was linking to these kind of narrations is... wait for another day and you'll know... :D

2 days to go... step up the fun-factor... see you when I see you... :)

Pranav Kumar V said...

LMAO @ 3!! I have NO IDEA how many such situations I've been through!! Its just that I don't feel embarrassed when these things happen... I do such things deliberately... :D completely PK style... :)

Twisted Elegance.... said...

You do MBA for 5 years?

The third one was cool!

Richa said...


I am ACTUALLY reading THE FOUNTAINHEAD. N yeah, for the second tym in my 24 yrs of readin, after 'The Five Ppl U Meet in Heaven', I am finding this book worth. I am half way thru reading Gail Wynand part of the tale.

Idea 2, yeah u can take it.. ill mail u the detaols about the game :D

@ 3, deliberately, i have doen tht many times, I am a trained dancer, have given numerous performances on stage, but wen it happens all out of the blues, unexpected, it becomes idotic :D

Richa said...

@ Twisted

yeah, it is suppsed to be a 5 yr integrated course straight afetr X+2..

n thnx

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Oh I miss my college too. Especially now, one of my friends was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer of the brain, how do I react to that? God!

Richa said...

@ L.Venkata

yeah dude everyone does miss their college..

n tht very unfortunate to learn about ur friend.. i mean its real killing to accept fact sometyms..

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