Friday, January 9

First Tag of the year

Just like the last tag of the previous year, the first tag of 2009 has been given to me by Raka :D

1) What is your occupation?
Unemployed, full time internet devotee.

2) What colour are your socks now?
Ths my fave question of the tag :D
Well, I have a pair of socks they r skin colored n they r too damn warm tht I show them to everyone :D

3) What are you listening to now?
Emosanal Atayachar from Dev D :P

4) What was the last thing you ate?
Saron da saag te makki di roti

5) Can you drive a stick shift?
Since I were in 10th std, yes. I have told an anecdote about the same at Mahul's blog too.. :D

6) Last person you spoke to on phone?
Dad, to come over for lunch.

7) Do you like the person who sent you this?
Hadn’t I been straight, I wud have loved to answer this question :D

8) How old are you today?

9) What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?
ummm Roadies :P

10) What are your favourite drinks?
Not a big coffee freak anymore, I ve lernt to gulp tea with taste :D, I love Nimbu Paani, Iced Tea n loadz of water

11) Have you ever dyed your hair?
Naw, not yet, but when I’ll do, I do burgundy :D

12) Favourite food?
Everyone knows how big foodie I am, one of my dearest wish is to have tasted one delicacy of each country in the world :D

13) Last movie watched?
Sorry Bhai- 2 n half stars

14) Favourite day of the year?

15) How do you vent out your anger?
I go quiet. Or may be write at times..

16) Favourite toy as a child?
I dint like dolls, nor Teddies :D
Cars I guess

17) Favourite season?
Do I still need to answer this one after my long long posts in the past?? Monsoons and winters..

18) Do you want your friends to email you?
They can choose not to if they want a good beating up.

19) When was the last time you cried?
I m not a cry baby. I don’t remember :D

20) What is on the floor of your closet?
The extention wire I am using to plug my lappy into.

21) Who is the friend you have had the longest?
Divya n then Vibhu

22) What did you do last night?
For a change, got online n planned a surprise for my blogtwin for her bday at our girl lounge- Femme Fatale

23) What are you most afraid of?
Being left alone

24) Plain, cheese or spicy hamburger?
No 'ham'burgers for me. I am veggie.

25) Favourite dog breed?

26) Favorite day of the week?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday :D

27) How many states have you lived in?
Geographically- One;

Emotionally, I am prone to mood swings :)

28) Diamond or pearl?
I go well with both :D

29) What is your wish for this new year?
Show me the colors :)

30) New year resolutions?

Everyone who wants to do it.

Signing off for now..

26 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Chriz said...

a friend of mine tagged me with this one.. now u have tagged me too.. i am taking it up.. yes i am

Jagjit said...

Interesting answers.. Loved your response to Q-27. :)

Btw, who developed this tag. Very bad - Favourite toy (as a child)? Wats that supposed to mean???? hahaha.. :P


Praveen said...

3 cheers to emosanal attyachaar:D

cars...thts the 1st time am hearing a gal telling that as her fav toy..

and extension wire on closet floor?trying to electrocute someone?

Phoenix said...

how i wish u werent straight... hay o rabba!!!

Toonfactory said...

Interesting replies...really liked them...Emosanal Atyachaar is my current fav. too....just blogged something about the song on my Bollywood Blog which I have turned into a 100% Hindi Blog now...Do have a look if you an Emosanal Atyachaar Fan...U might like it :)

Anonymous said...

i wud take it up this tag richa :)

wud put ur name and anwesa in the credits....


Arjun said...


Never go quiet.. :D


Kartz said...

Am reading abt this Emosanal Atayachar everywhere... O_O

Neat replies... ;)

Peace. Happy weekend!

Ria said...

hey nice answers!and i jus love ur blog template. :)

Anonymous said...

I <3 emosanal attyachaar too!

Can;t find it on limewire though. :(


no resolution.. good they don't suits u..

Keshi said...

love ur answers Richa!

ur a vege? WOW! Im working towards it :)


Richa said...

@ Chriz

gr8 :D
lets c wat u gotta say to it :D

Richa said...

@ Jagjit

yeah, the one who developed had to mention it or it wud mean the dream centre :P

Richa said...

@ Praveen

:D i am in instant love with tht number

yep indeed, i still got a collection of vintage cars :D

naw, not electrocuting sum1, but empowerin my lappy :D

Richa said...

@ Raka

babeh thnk u stars i m straight :P

Richa said...

@ Alok

i did :)

Richa said...

@ Sam

sure go ahead

Richa said...

@ Arjun

ill try..


Richa said...

@ kartz

u gotta hear this one :)

Richa said...

@ Ria

hey!! thnx.. :)

keep coming back :D

Richa said...

@ Ki

Awww.. n yay!! someone else too loves limewire :D

leave me ur mail id, ill mail it to u :D

Richa said...

@ Saurabh

ummm.. was it a compliment or a comment ;) :P

Richa said...

@ keshi

thnx :)

i too used to b non veggie :D

CяystąL said...

Thats sucha sweet dedication for Diu.. <3
You left Non. Veg?

Emotional atyaachhaaar is sooo goddamn awesome! :D

Anonymous said...

it seems i am reflecting back to myself..
nice list you got here.
except for the days bit, i think i am more of a friday person :D

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