Tuesday, September 9

Wuss Up!!


I have a follower too!!

I officially thank Tshhar for being the follower numero uno!! Cheers!!


-Besides, Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Aazam" dekh daali ". [:!] Please do not bother to ask me how do I like or do not like the movie, NO COMMENTS!!


-Managed the DVDs of Rock on!!, A Wednesday and Tahaan- Reviews coming soon.


-My 'Best Friends' Wedding' is approaching and the coming Sunday is the Bangle Ceremony, I am a li'l "busy" with the arrangements [:">]

I'll obviously flaunt the arrangements over here when they are ready for the same.


-I am tired and drained!!


Off for today, will be back with some stuff soon!!

5 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Tshhar Mangal said...

Oh!!! AM the lucky one
Thank you
nd thanks to others who are still waiting for following this blog :P
SInce i am first,others can now list up.
_ _ _
Oh and great blog !!!

Richa said...

thank you again!!

descrying the shadows said...

Hi dropped in frm jagruti.. awesome template .. loved it :D

Richa said...

thank you for dropping in and thank you for not dropping anything but a comment, and regarding the template, i cant say a thank you, cuz i too copied it from some blog [;)] but yeah i can accept the compliment if u mean it on my likings and choice [:D]

k10 said...

Interesting template.

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