Friday, September 5

A Letter to Myself!!

Dear Richa,
Happy Teacher's Day to you.
Today is your Second teacher's day. Though you do not have even one student today, but all those students you have taught to in the past year, still like you. And they proved it by remembering to call you and wish you.
But this honor of yours remains very mean unless you thank all those teachers who have contributed in your life. Though you have liked them or not, but truth stays unchanged that your teachers brought mutations in your learnings.. The bad ones introduced you with the real worldliness and the good ones, as every one knows pushed you towards your goals.
You have to be thankful to the teachers in School, undoubtedly try to remain unbiased, but even if you felt they were inclined towards the cream of the class, you can understand their state of being so now when you have been into similar profession.. And those nicer teachers (actually intending otherwise) who kept you standing for whole of the day in the name of reading the chapter aloud in the class, in real senses, enlightened you with the "duniyadaari"..
Thank those professors of the University, though they gave you lower internals without any apparent reasons, they still liked you as a part of the class..
And remember to thank you tuition teachers as well- the ones whose sweat and labour bagged you distinction throughout..
And donot forget to thank all those extra curricualr teachers who tried their level best to make you learn skating, other outdoor games, gyming, salsa, bhangra and other numerous things you left in between and never went back to them to even thank them.
And most importantly, you should be thankful to God, for giving you this biggest teacher called LIFE, which teaches a new lesson with every passing moment..
Stay blessed with such Great teachers..

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Aurora Villanueva said...

Hello, there. My name is Aurora Vilolanueva. I live in Mexico. I happened to cross yopur path on the web and instantly you caught my interest. I wonder if you would consent on a chat with me. All the data you can fnd in my profile will get you securely to me. I'd be most happy if you accepted. Thank you. Have a good day.

d SINNER!!! said...

i liked it-the look, the takes, the hint of sarcasm...

Richa said...

@ Aurora
Hey there, I appreciate your Interest in my blog.. I would sure look forward to a conversation with u..
Keep Visiting!!

Richa said...

@ Naina
Thank you Dudette!!

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