Sunday, September 21

Some Feelings can’t be expressed in Short Titles

It is not friendship day I know, but when you have such good friends around you, each day is friendship day.

The not-so-pagal-guy happens to be my bestest fella and what I am gonna key down (write) over here is not somewhat like a junior school essay on 'my best friend'.

Since you are away, I know you miss us all, and we here are missing you. Here are Top 3 reasons why I miss you-

3. I wanna have (for the time being not considering the calorie contribution) all those McSwirls, Nirvanas, Ebony n Ivories and Gelatos we missed to have together.

2. I want you to see the yieldings of your labor on giving expressions to my thoughts.

1. God gives two shoulders to everyone to carry their heavy heads, but when you walked into my life, I felt as if he has gifted me additional two. And now since you are away, I have started getting frequent headaches ;-)

P.S. –

1. Guys!! Expecting a love story over here is analogous to expecting a rock concert outta Ghulam Ali.

2. With God's grace, we are not fought, it's just a dedication.

1 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Kartz said...

Ah...Friends! God's gift... Family when away from home.




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