Friday, September 12

Flicks in Late

Just finished with the Movie "A Wednesday". Now this is actually 'a movie' I've watched in a long time.

No, I am literally wondering how creative can people be!! I liked the whole idea of the movie, presentation, the script, the characters, everything!!

Naseer-ud-din Shah is as great as ever, Anupam Kher was noticed hitting a budmash I guess for the first time, Jimmy Shergill (besides the personal liking for him) played good, Amir Bashir was cute as ever. Please someone find the best suitable role of a cottage industry worker either 'tokri maker' or 'bidi maker' for Deepal Shaw..

The 'Stupid Common Man' was actually very catchy and the way he did not have a name was justified by Anupam Kher saying "naam me log mazhab dhoond liya karte hain", I read this somewhere that it was Naseer-ud-din Shah's idea for the movie.

Rock On!! was not as great as expected. The not-so-pagal-guy (a dear friend) had warned me already that it is a movie to be watched in theatre, but I could not help it. !!Sighs!! May be that is why I dint like it much. Dil Chahta hai was way better, rather the best one of the lot. Mandatory mentions- Debbie was undoubtedly good, Farhan Akhtar was okay too (besides his "lean posture"). And worst part was the sight of Annu Malik talking of "originality".

And another one I liked lately is Ugly aur Pagli. Humor- not vulgar, not cheap, was the basic strength besides the music (Hard Kaur's Talli and Mohit Chuhan's Yaad teri), Shorrey looked cute while dancing [:D]

Left with Tahaan, Bachna Ae Haseeno, and Hijack out of the DVD. Hoping Tahaan to be good and Khuda Kay Liye too I'll manage by this week.

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