Thursday, September 4

The Insensitive Me

I know I am being Insensitive, but I can't help it!! Its been almost 4 days and I've cramped my tummy, but still its hard for me to stop laughing.

I know I should not spill the beans over here (but as I just said I know I am being insensitive). All out of the blues, out of nowhere, most unexpectedly, I find myself into a hyper weird teenage situation and I am wondering how to tackle with it.

What do you do when your 'long forgotten
childhood crush'
dedicates the most romantic song made in the history of Bollywood (no, I am not opening bets for guessing the song right) to you purposely and tells you that he still feels for you seriously?? Now someone tell me what else would they do besides laughing in such a state?

I mean it is heights.. I really do not know what to say and I am saying all wrong things that would surely hurt him, besides, I am finding it amusing when things like "I cant treat u as a friend anymore" are shot on and I cant help laughing on being (un)-dignified with the adjectives like "heart-less" (this aint the first time though).

Yeah yeah, I simply aint an 'Emotional Fool'!!

I don't mean to make him the laughing property over here, but I am rather analysing myself on "how insensitive can I get", but even after long hours of third degree torture and question- answer sessions with myself, I still am blank. I am not able to procreate even one feeling. Nothing like I am ignorant, but I have had my share of trouble and dissonances but now I am too convinced to 'eschew any obfuscations'

And I refuse to do a thing about it.

P.S.- Teenage Tips are invited on how to repel such uninvited perplexities.

2 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

k10 said...

Hmm....i can understand how you can laugh at this. AM guilty of it too.
Laugh it out while you can, and why not. As long as no one is getting hurt (Physically), all is fair.

You can gauge my level of insensitivity now. :)


Richa said...

oh its sucha releif to know tht there exist other of my kind as well..
anyways, its okay, but since Ive seen the movie bachna, I am avoiding to think more over it..!!

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