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Is only 'Fair' the 'Lovely'?

As I walked towards the cosmetics counter, the girl behind the desk (trying to chipkaao something or the other) literally ran towards me and said "Ma'am ye product dekhiye- aapki skin type ke liye best hai, use to kar ke dekho- aapki sari tanning hat jayegi- Ma'am- take my word- laao main try karwati hoon aapko". She was trying to sell me a fairness product.

I mean what the hell!! I am simply in love with my complexion. I am thankful for being blessed with a perfect wheatish complexion and I have no intentions whatsoever to get gori or gorier. I have no personal grudges against these sales girls- they get paid for identifying the potential customers to buy their fairness enhancing products- they are doing what their job is. Neither do I curse these FMCG companies cuz I understand they are doing their business- they just hit the target right- minting money taking advantage of the firangi procreated complex in Indians regarding their complexions.

Gimme a break dude!! its been over 60 years they are gone from our country and we are no more blacks. We are Indians- and we look best wheatish.

Check out the most b'ful actresses in bollywood- Madhu Bala, Hema Malini, Rekha, Madhuri Dixit, Sonali Bendre, Rani Mukherjee, Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen- aint they lovely? And are they fair?? And those who want to argue about Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai being Fair and Lovely, they are requested to give one serious thought on- do they look Indian enough?

Not just the organizations and their employees, this society of ours is full of people who are discriminating on the basis of complexion- specifically girls- darker girls are looked down upon- they are not perceived to be pretty. Everyone knows of the problems faced by their poor parents in getting them married. Several shows on the Indian prime time are showcasing the low about darker girls- I need not illume much on that.

What I fail to understand is, we live in Indian society, where more than 50 percent of people are on the wheatish side and very less fit in the category of gori or gora (and they do not satisfy the Indian beauty standards- at least in my opinion) and still we have to face such bullshit from one or the other person- I too have come across some real mean comments on my complexion when I actually do not fit in the category of Dark (No Offences Intended). I mean who says we do not practice Apartheid in India?

Okay, ask any Indian girl what qualities would they like in their partner- their instant reply would be- Tall, Dark, Handsome. When Men are desired to be darker, dont you understand this darkness cannot be subsided in coming generations- are you ready to mingle your Fairness with darkness? If yes, why do you bother being Fairer?

I don not understand why do people wan to be fairer? I myself have a few friends who are very conscious about their complexion and I guess they would have emptied about a tonn kilogram of fairness products till date on their faces and have try every possible way to get one shade fairer.. They would have applied every possible thing Freon the Daadi Maa Nuskha diary on their faces ranging from malai to a spice called Kalaunji, from milk to potato (I know of few as I have been un wantingly suggested many times).

Those Firangs, they ruled us for over 400 years, and we are still living the inferiority complexes they planted within our society to make themselves superior. Now those whites, allured with the darker shades, are spending millions of dollars and pounds on inventing technologies to get tans- they get expensive treatments for getting one shade darker and we are still wishing to be fairer..

I mean guys, Wake up!! 2008 is almost gone and we might be left with another 4 years to live on this planet - (if we believe the theory of 12 Dec 2012 :D), we got much more important things to do than to bother about being one shade lighter.

And as Michael Jackson puts it,

"You're thinkin' of
Being my brother
It don't matter if you're
Black or white

Ooh, ooh
Yea, yea, yea now
Ooh, ooh
Yea, yea, yea now

It's black, it's white
It's tough for you to get by
It's black , it's white, whoo

It's black, it's white
It's tough for you to get by
It's black , it's white, whoo"

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preeti said...

I totally agree with you except when you said Kat and Aish are actresses?!?! Please...Dont include them in the evergreen list of heroines.First things first.THey first need to learn how to act, then learn how to look Indian and Beauitful.Its rightly said "Man is the most peculiar creature of all..He always wants for what is not". Americans long to get a tan.

Kartz said...

Greetings, Richa.

A delayed drop-in to your webspace. I have been a bit held up lately and couldn't go through your blog earlier...

I do get what you are trying to say... And regarding why people want to be fairer? Well, I wouldn't wanna intervene. THeir life, their wish..!

Good post... And my take on the 'beauty' factor? Read on at...

Peace, and have a nice day.

B'rolling you. Hope you wont mind.

Richa said...

@ Preeti
Foremost thank you for dropping in and writing in.
And I totally agree with your doubts on the acting skills of Katrina Kaif, though she doesnt look Indian but she is pretty indeed.

u r more than welcome to visitn the blog anytime and I can not be less than glad to have been blogrolled. Thankyou'ssss :D
And yeah I agree, people who want to be fairer, its juz their own wish but I hope people stop bothering me.. anyways "saddi sehat te kehra koi asar penda hai ;)"


u writly said.. it should not effect ones feeling..

descrying the shadows said...

wow !! the template and the way u hv designed stuff on it ... nice ..
btw thanks for dropping by my blog .. glad u liked it

Richa said...

@ Sidharth

Thank you'sssss. :D

Richa said...

@ Saurabh
Yeah right dude

Divya said...

*clap clap*

well said.. you've lashed out at all of 'em.. brilliant!!

i wonder what you have to say about the other aspect that media/fashion mags/beauty products/etc are projecting as the 'new beautiful' - size zero. ?? equally infuriating, would you agree?

sachin said...

good work...

Richa said...

@ Divya
Thank youss for liking the post.
And I have been avoiding to write anything about that size zero issue.. Cuz I am one of those lucky people who are recognized belonging to a "Khata- peeta ghar" from far away.. ;)
All I can quote over here is
"I don't understand the sizes anymore. There's a size zero, which I didn't even know that they had. It must stand for: 'Ohhh my God, you're thin."
- Ellen DeGeneres

And since you have tagged me, a post has to come soon..

Richa said...

@ Sachin
Thank youss

Divya said...

lol! yeah well i belong the what they politely refer to as 'healthy' category myself.. so naturally i have a greater fury towards the size zero propagators.. :P

in fact i've been meaning to post something along the same lines.. prolly will one of these days..

and i've blog rolled you too :)

Richa said...

yeah yeah i can very well make out ur fury..
I guess this is one emotion I can not show towards this issue, envy isnt one too..
I have to think more on it before putting it up :D

And Thank Yousssss for b'rolling

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