Sunday, August 10


I am panicky, bewildered, and alone in dark. I look into the mirror, I have never seen myself crying like this before, I am confused, I am looking for something, trying to find something or someone, I am fumbling for things in the darkness and out of nowhere I hear my name being called.
I turn around and run towards the voice, I can not see the face, I clasp to that figure and I sob more vigrous. The figure is trying to clam me down, the voice seems known, the face is still unrecognible.
And that figure parts, goes away, I stretch out my hand and try to reach, no use, I can see that figure disappearing in the stark dark far away..
I feel a sensation run through my entire body, the tingle starts from my toe and reaches to my head. I am scared and I am wet with prespiration, and a puff of cold wind tries to freeze me down, I am shaken, I feel too week to stand anymore, my eyes are heavy, I try to open them and I wake in vain..

This is the third consecutive night I have had this dream.. I believe that dreams are the thoughts of the sub conscious mind. What is bothering me that is recurring as the dream. Everythime I wake up after this dream, I am in a state of shock as the sand is slipping through my hands.. And I realize "I dream of rain by Sting" being played at the back of my mind..

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