Friday, August 15

Proud to be a part!!

I came across this website for over a year ago and I liked just the idea of it. I made it my home page on my desktop and on my lappy as well. And I promoted it too, sent emails, mssgs to friends. Never could I make sure if it was just a malicious site or it actually did what it claimed to, but it never harmed my system and I kept on clicking it every time I reached there, cuz at the back of my mind I had a thought that if this works, I may be doing some good just for a matter of 5 seconds and today when I switched on the Lappy, I saw these pics as proofs.., HATS OFF to you guys.. I am proud to be a part and a meager contributor.

I request all my visitors to please click over here and donate a cup of staple food to chronically hungry children (in India).

The inspiration behind it:
Born on December 15, 1975 and brought up in Mumbai, Lt. Nawang Kapadia was the younger son of Harish and Geeta Kapadia. Nawang did his schooling at St. Xavier's Boys' Academy to move on to Jai Hind College and graduate from the Mumbai University with a 'Bachelor of Commerce' degree. Nawang was always everyone's favorite wherever he went. A true follower of Mahatma Gandhi and believer in non-violence joined the Indian Army as an officer and was engaged in a sudden, fatal combat in Kashmir on November 11, 2000 just a few days after his first posting. He understood and did more in his few years than most of us will in our lifetime. A tribute to the young man by his elder brother Sonam Kapadia at

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