Monday, August 25

New Attire!!

The blog is looking funky wearing denims. Isnt it?? The new attire I found on a blog and immediately copied (though I never copied anything before). I have been trying to get a new look to my blog ever since I started it, but oopsie!! I could not fit a template (I felt 'JAHIL' at those times - 'HTML illiteracy').
And strangely I loved these denims and they fit so perfect..
Though I lost all my widgets and my side bar contents and lists, and I guess it is gonna take some time to put the things back altogether, I have lost all of my blog roll and people I liked reading I'll have to work harder to find them again - till then, I'll miss U guys..
But 'Cha.alo', I'll manage..
And for information purpose, a friend of mine, pretty impressed with my writing skills, [:D] has done me a favor, providing me work, a li'l help in decreasing my 'unemployment'.
I, hereby officially thank Mr. Google Vahi for trusting in me to write 'web content' for his website.
I have another project coming up too soon - hopefully.
Yeah I know I havent written anything for a long time. I'll be back soon - with a bang. For the time being I need to reorganize things on my blog and I am 'Googling' too much these days.

6 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Gaurav said...

it is my pleasure to keep u busy....after this i have many more things lined up for u will be in googling mode for next 5-6 months;) ......jokes apart thanks a lot for helping me out n for this special mention in the blog...!

Richa said...

The Pleasure is all mine [:D]


this new attire is really a nice one.. and i would love to copy it..

Richa said...

This is easy to copy..
But if u too copy, I'll have to find a newer one [:D]


knowing d same.. i didnt copied..

Richa said...

Thank you for noy copying [:D]

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