Monday, April 13

Awarded Again :D

Thanking Seher, a.k.a. Americanising Desi, for honoring me with Kreativ Blogger Award.

Thanks babes, being personally awarded is really flattering. :D

As the rules go, i have to write about 7 things I love, I long for and I am obsessed with. Raka tagged me with obsession one a while back too..

Ummm... Confessions are a hard thing to do.

1. Life- Yes, I am high on life. never give up is my spirit. Optimism lets me lead it that way. looking forward to new twists, or each turn doesn't let me feel monotoned.. I love all the gifts life has adorned me with including my family and friends.

2. Footwear- being a woman I am obsessed with footwear. Sneakers, runners, heels, flats, mojris, Ballerinas, Stilletoes, You name it, I got it. :D I have a good collection. and even though I am always running short of them and always drooling for another pair. hehe.. I never buy a single pair :D

3. Music- Who doesn't love music. To me music is food for soul. It saves me from stress, boredom and fatigue. Refreshing always, it fills me up with an enthusiasm and a spirit to go on.

4. Chocolate Truffle- Though everyone knows me being a Foodie, I am not a sweets-person, but one thing I cant hold back my temptation for is Chocolate Truffle, Death by chocolate cake and pastries. :D

5. Freedom- I completely love my being single. when I look around, I see all my friends- either married or committed and bound. And I feel so glad that I am free. I do not have anyone to give explanations to about not taking a call, not replying a sms or talking to someone.

6. Knowledge/ Learning/ Wits- ever hyper to learn new things, know about facts. reading, surfing, helps. Also, I am Witty and I know it. Dangerous combi I know. :D

7. Blogging- yes. It is a channel to express myself and I totally love it :D

P.S. Not passing on any awards yet. Wait for the grand event :D

33 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Jinxed Pixie said...

we are just wayyy too much alike, you know??

Arjun said...

The 'Tag' lady has done another tag..!! :) lol

It was good to read Richa..!! i share very similar thoughts abt ur first point- Life....


яノςんム said...

@ Jinxed Pixie
dint I tell u the same>??? :P

яノςんム said...

@ Arjun,
not fair yaar, i dint do any tag last month and i try doing not more than one tag each month now.. :D
u cant tag me the 'Tag lady' :P

Oh yeah life is addictive. isnt it??

Kartz said...

Warm felicitations, buddy... ;) U deserve it!

Peace. Be well.

Ria said...

Hey congrats for the award gurl!! :) And hey we r similar in many ways. Love dutch truffle, music and shoes too. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! :)

Grand event kya hai? :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Congratulations girl!! :)

I think barring 6th point,I have a pretty similar vichaardhara as yours. :D


Mayz said...

congos on d award :)

btw i hope that footwear is only for wearin n not for beatin up an unsuspectin soul

Anonymous said...

whats the grand event mate? any good news :P

Anonymous said...

oye hoey chocolate truffle :D
hehehe yappy dappy doo!
good attempt on love girl :D

Anonymous said...

oye hoey chocolate truffle :D
hehehe yappy dappy doo!
good attempt on love girl :D

Anonymous said...

love your nails woman!

яノςんム said...

@ Kartz
yeah very well deserved...

яノςんム said...

@ Ria
all girl things :D
n thnx..

яノςんム said...

@ Ki
n grand event, I m waiting too, for sumthn grand to happen.. :D

яノςんム said...

@ Bondgurl
thnx buddy :D
hehe vihardharas aare almost similar in blogville.. ths y we admire each other.. aint it?? ;)

яノςんム said...

@ Mayz
thnx buddy.. and u know the answer. i do ocassionally step on ppl's feel purposefully :D

яノςんム said...

@ Sam
ummmmm.. i dunno as yet. lets c.. :D

яノςんム said...

@ Seher
hehe.. i know choco truffle.. i juz love it :D
and okay. i know i need a manicure :D but this picture was discovered while transferring picturres from the cam.. got clicked itself. :D
liked it, so put it up :D

akanksha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Well, Footwear,Chocolate Truffle,Freedom and Blogging would be on my list too, if ever I make one:P

Nice blog! Blogrolled you!Keep writing.:-)

Think Tank said...

now i'm seriously jealous of ur footwear collection ;)

Charmed One! said...

Hey congrats gal! You truly deserve the award :)
N i love all sorts of Footwear too.. Just love pampering my feet :) ...

Arnab Majumdar said...

Congratulations!!! I'm sure there are many more to come... cheers :)

Keshi said...


Im a shoe-lover too :) I guess the kind of shoes u wear define who u r.


Sakshi said...

lol. Deadly combination, i must say! One narcissist you are. Chocolate truffle...yummm. Try it with vanilla icecream and choc syrup at CCD (ask for chocolate fantasy with iscecream and choco syrup).. Believe me, it'll redefine truffles. mmmm

яノςんム said...

@ Akanksha
welcome here.. :)
oh yeah?? ths good to know :D

thnx for the b'roll :D

яノςんム said...

@ Think Tank

boohoooohooohaaa :D
i feel proud :D

яノςんム said...

@ charmed one

thnx buddy :D
n yeah who doesnt love pampering feet with pedicures and and newest footwear :D

яノςんム said...

@ Arnab
thnx buddy :D

яノςんム said...

@ Keshi
thnx sweets..

and yeah totally agreed. u can make out a person's charachter with their shoes :D

яノςんム said...

@ Sakshi
totally.. and try the ebony and ivory at pizza hut :D

Anonymous said...

chocolate truffle yum yum..:)

me loves blogging too..and wits... :D

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