Thursday, April 2


Yes this is what I feel like now. I had a bad bad day.

  • Woke up to an unexpectedly HOT day.
  • Roads were jamm packed.
  • People donot have traffic senses.
  • Auto-rickshaw drivers have a notion that the roads have been gifted to them as a part of election campaign or something.
  • When a lady is driving (read- I), people assume that the fault has to be hers.
  • Public sector bank employees feel they are kings of the world.

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Mayz said...

Emotional Atyachar :P

Phoenix said...

totally grilling i know...

dont worry babes just another bad one.. tomorrow will be a good one trust me... :)

Phoenix said...

totally grilling i know...

dont worry babes just another bad one.. tomorrow will be a good one trust me... :)

ANWESA said...

yeah,argh!!is the only word that comes 2 mind after all this..

Anonymous said...

awwww.. some days are pure bad.
just dont let it get to you :)
smile the while even in traffic.
i swear i have so much fun even when stuck!
i think it depends on days :)

Mayank said...

We need extra patient while dealing Public sector office specially Banks.... Cheer up Lady....

Kartz said...

This is so ubiquitous! Chill, dudette. U ain't alone. For sure! :)

Peace. Be well.

Dhanya said...

One of those days when EVERYTHING just goes wrong huh ? :(

Jinxed Pixie said...

oho...don't worry, at the end of every traffic jam, there's a clear stretch of road..

Keshi said...

yesterday was like this for me! I arrived late to work and looking like a total wreck! I wanted to blog about it, cos I myself was shocked at how I looked lol!


Ria said...

tell me abt tht gurl!!its aweful to realise tht summer is here...and i dont even want to get started abt the civic sense of ppl on the streets of India! Phew!!

Anonymous said...

Awww... *hug*

One bad day na, hota hai kabhi kabhi. May God bring you a 1000 good days in its stead. :)

Praveen said...

hehhee...someone's a had a real bad day:D

яノςんム said...

@ Mayz

@ Raka
thnx girl.. hope never ends :D

@ Anwesa
exactly babes..

@ Seher
i too try to smile on the fools in the traffic who jump infront of the car on and off..

@ Mayank
yeah i know tht now.. thnx :D

@ Kartz
yeah i know. half of thw world is traffic struck :D

@ Dhanya
bingo!! :D

@ Jinxed Pixie
hehe.. ths right :D

@ Keshi
lolz.. somedays are real bad..

@ Ria
o ria, i cant explain, how cant i stand summers and of Amritsar, we have bone scorching sun overhead all the time.

@ Ki
hugz back.. how sweet is tht :)

@ Praveen
undoubtedly dude..

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey hey hey

kya huaa

autorickshaw drivers got addicted to advani'e election offerings or wht

roads wre jamm packed hahaha

its new at ur place kyaaaa

Gauri Mathur said...


U r rite ppl lack civic sense..


Chronicwriter said...

you hit someone the road? hehe.. i guess so.. narrate that story

яノςんム said...

@ Ste
nuthn new in it, buit at times it gets irritating :D

@ Gauri
hugz back..

@ Chriz
nai re. i dint hit sum1. but almost hit :D nothing worth a story :D

pisku said...

And this too shall pass!

Dream'R said...

hehehe..the sadist in me luvd it..hehe

hot day , roads jam packed - hmm pretty normal!!

auto drivers!!..hmmppphhhh..lets not go there!!

lady drivers..even worse !!..they r def to blame!! doubt!!

public sector bank emploeyees - they r nxt in command after queen elizabeth arent they??..geez!! everythin works for them!!

яノςんム said...

@ Pisku
thnx buddy.. it has i hope :D

@ Dream'r
i know most lady drivers are like tht, but unusually, some do know driving.

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