Monday, November 3

Forget Love, I would rather fall in Chocolate

Warning- The title is deceptive.

Love- the most widely talked about emotion in the world..
But love?
I just happen to write this post- thanks to Mr. Paulo Coelho. After I finished his last issue- The witch of Portobello, I had kind of sworn not to get another one from the master story teller, but then I happened to been gifted this- his latest bestseller- Brida. (Nopes, it not a review).

Now, I havent finished it yet, but it makes me to write something about it.
The book talks abut the Witch Culture once again. *sighs*
(those explanations at times make me think might I too got those witchy gifts)
And the particular thing with caught my attention and is influencing me to finish this book is that it talks about 'identifying one's Soulmate'.

Soulmate, I wondered what exactly is that? Then this book tells me- every soul in the world is fragmanted into two parts- one ying and other yang and are reborn as two different people- a concept somewhat like the diffusion I guess. And it says, each soul comes across its soulmate atleast once in its life time and it is just a matter of a spark that enables us to recognize the other part. If we get along well, the purpose of our existance is achieved and if we do not, we have to be re- incarnated. *wooh*

Not just that, how do we recognize our soulmate is rather a funnier concept- one trained in the Witch culture can recognize the soulmate as they can see a point of light just above the left shoulder of the other person. (*did i elaborate it well?*)

Few days back I were reading an article in the Times of India which talked about the same- soulmate concept, but it said one can have as many as 7 soulmates and if you come across more than one soulmate in a lifetime, it leads to pain and sufferrings.. (hehehe- I appreciate ur guts if u have read this till here)

I mean what the heck??
Does it make senses? What occult?
Nothing unintentional, I have had my share of perplexities, not that I do not believe in love.
What I understand about the soulmate concept is- there are certain people, with who we feel complete, who complement us, but if there is a concept like this white light and finding them has to be our life purpose, with such difficulties, I say, the tile of the post sums it all up...

12 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

preeti said...

ahh... a different storke altogether. I kinda agree with your viewpoint.. soul mate is unique cannot be chiselled into seven parts cheers buddy :)

Richa said...

@ Pree
AM glad... :)
Cheers buddy!!

Kartz said...

Thought provoking...


Shrav said...

Ok! I disagree:) There is a unique soulmate, maybe! But you are on your journey to find the right one. And you might end up with the wrong person thinking he's the right one. That's when the pain starts

P.S: Guess that's enough to confuse!

Anonymous said...


I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He’s the first best-selling author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


Richa said...

@ Kartz
I am glad it provoked your thought, but the idea of lookin for a white light over eveyone's shoulder made my thoughts sleep :P

Richa said...

@ Shrav
u achieved ur target of confusing me buddy :)

Richa said...

@ AArt
thnx for the link, it really gr8 of u to share this.

Thnx for visiting, keep coming back :)

Keshi said...

I dun believe in Soulmates..we just click with some ppl and we dun with others. As for the white light, lol I'd rather fall in chocs too!

Good one Richa!


Arjun said...

haha.. amazing to listen to all this...
Never imagined there is so much of a theory behind all these.....

I dont have any theory of my own either... ;)
Came across ur blog randomly... looks good.. :)


Richa said...

@ Arjun
yeah i know its too funny ths y i bothered to post it over here..
Thnx for respondin and visitn too..
keep coming back :)

Cheers to u too..

Mayank said...

Plz help me to find one... (I see white light on every pretty girl shoulder's.)

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