Sunday, June 8

People change and forget to tell!!

Yes, people do change and forget to tell.
This is about a gal Tia n her best frnd Anu. Together since adoloscence, they were the examplified pair in the town. Adoloscence went by, and youth approached, besides their busy education & seperate circles , they always had time for each other. Tia was a happy go lucky girl and so was Anu. They had lots of things in common. Passion for masti being the main.
They too had disagreements and differences of opinions but those never counted to differences. For Tia never wanted to create hype of anything. At times, when Anu would say something that pinched her, she would never even let her know. Just to avoid any vividness. She always stood by her side may it be emotional or proffesional front.
Tia was so happy to have Anu as her best frnd. At least she thought Anu is always by her side no matter what. She was so close to her that she would tell her darkest of secrets and would rely on her. She would bake a cake on her every birthday and went to wish her.
It was only untill Tia actually felt need of some one to talk to. Times change, and then came a time when Tia needed her best friend, she was in an emotional backdrop only to find out that Anu had other prior works to be done.
She understood, and understood and understood.
Times lingered by and Tia felt that Anu was no longer available. She had work, she had friends, she had priorities and she had no time. And then was Anu's birthday. Tia called her up to wish her only to hear her telling to call her before coming over to her place.
And it was over for Tia.
People do change and forget to tell..
But this is life Tia.. U'll need to understand..

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simply my ideas said...

probably none of the relationship is abt understanding or if i can use the word compromising. when u know u care u dont feel the pinch ...and doubts are serious things .. they just magnify the wrong deads and make the gud one look miniscule....
thats what i think...

Richa said...

yeah ths ryt i agree.. but then these r my ideas.. n not juz one case, one thing ive realized from my own experiences in life is one doesnt have to expect anything out of anyone, expectations hurt.. watever one give is taken immidiately n nuthn is given in return.. n if sumtym sumthn comes back, one shud take it as bonus!!!

Richa said...
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