Friday, June 20

My Top 5 Rain Songs

The connection of a "girl heart" to rain is universal.
The monsoons, my fave season of the year is ready to arrive. Now n then occuring pours randomly remind me of one or the other rain songs n I find myself humming onto the tunes by the time I realize myself shivering in the cold wind n skin piercing rain drops.

5. Ab ke saawan (Shubha Mudgal's)
Both the video and the audio are just appropriate to welcome the monsoons. "Jam ke barse Zara". Dancing in the rain, eyeing the beloved, expressing the intimate feelings of forgetting everything n running to wet oneself in the first pour.

Megha re Megha (Lamhe -1991)
Gr8 audio. Video was good as well, only thing, Sridevi looked "so not young". Justified. She played her own mother in the song. Movie was just fun. Specifically the Parody is too good, also became the USP of the movie.

Bheegi Bheegi raaton mein (Adnan Sami's)
Adnan Sami's initial hit. Lovely song. Though one gets wet in the rain or not, but this song is reminded too often in the drizzle and the cats n dogs as well. I have more than half a dozen versions of the song but my fave is the acoustics one.

Barso re Megha (Guru)
A.R. Rehman's music always works for me. Shreya Ghoshal recieved various awards for this song. Locations in the video are juz fab. Kerela is definitely God's own country. Wish to see the waterfall sometime.

Rimjhim Rimjhim (1942- A Love Story)
Anil Kapoor looks damn cute in the video. Manisha is juz fine. "Bajta hai jaltarang tin ki chhatt pe jab motiyon jaisa jal barse". Lovely music. Lovely number.

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