Monday, August 13

The Shopping Exult

It was yet another luncheon appointment of "the gang" at our Fave Restaurant (read: adda) "My Kind of Place"- MKoP for short.
-Good place, very good food and gooder ambiance.

As always, i were late, rather the last one to show up. And as always, I attracted the attention of people. Not because I am pretty good- looking or something, but for the melodious "knock- knock" composed by my heels on the wooden flooring of the place

As I approached towards our usual table, to my surprise, it stood alone right in its place- sad, and none from the "Superb 7" was apparent.

n then I cought a glimpse of Vanshika waving at me from the far end corner table, on the round, Rest 5 were there too.

I were all set for the bombardment of taunts (oye tera ghar to saamne hi hai fir bhi jaldi nahi aa sakti?? or late nahi aayegi to apni importance kaise show karegi??? n blah blah blah...)

but to another surprise, none of them dint even say a word.. juz kept on giving mischevious smiles..they all had a kind of sarcastic look on their faces..

Amused me!!!!!

I guess now is the time for succinct intro of the "Superb 7 Gang". Waise to we say "chun chun k ikkathhe kiye gaye hain hum log" (in Dharam paaji's diction).
It goes Alphabetically:

Aakash- the naughtiest, the liarest (my personal contribution to the language, not yet communicated to the Oxford);

Karan- over confident, the source of pathetic jokes;

Kunal- the (dunno how come) sweetest, subdued;

Manan- argumentative, hyper-logical (to an irritating extent),

I - the silent but tingiest;

Sakshi - (read: the b***h);

Vanshika- the topper, illogical;

Moving on with the narration,
So this causticity on their faces, left me with a perplexed expression..
I were unable to get the reason behind their naught smiles n supressed giggling within themselves..

Rest: khee khee khee khee (tittering)
I again: "WHAT IS IT??"
Rest: again sniggering
I: Temme wat is it??
Karan: Just turn around..
I: (still confused -read kaan-fused) Y?
Aakash: Turn Around..

Astonised, I turned around, still my mind trying to figure out the reason for their unusual behaviour.

I caught a glimpse of a guy n a gal (say couple) at the table right at my back. the guy smiled at me. i too retured a casual smile n turned back to face the gang.. my concentration still at the puzzle..

I were still literally unable to logic their comportment.
N then it struck to me... as if the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle apparated in my grip out of thin air..
all wat I cud utter was: "Ye to bhaiya hai!!!!!!" (read: cousin elder bro & NOT in the context of natives of UP or Bihar)

i turned back n waved HI!! n winked ;) at him..
he too smiled back.. n I moved to their table..

I had not seen or met or even had a faint idea who tht girl was, but I must say.. she looked like a Damsel from those fairy tales.. Ravishing, deep eyes, sleek features, complexion comparable to Snow white..

n then Bro made me formally meet her.. "Guriya (this is how my family addresses me, no matter I turned 23 this monsoon, but still I m a li'l doll for them, i love it this way :) ), meet Sweeeeety,
n Sweeeeety, this is my cute li'l sis -Guriya- i told u bout her.."

n she too smiled (as sweeeetly as her name) at me in resopnse of my devilish smile at her n Bro..
he was cought red handed... n the lunch for the gang got sponsored ;) hehe
the gang were eating like gluttons and i were spoiling the "date" ;D

n when it had been 2 hrs of my continuous blah blah, Bro came to the point..
"Tune kya dekha???"
I: Kya???
Bro: Aaj yahan kya dekha??
I: Kuch bhi toh nahi.. I am "Amnesiac" ;D

Bro: ;D tune shopping kab karni hai????
I: ;D Kal chalen??

(I hope my readers can now relate the significance of the title to the whole narration)
Bro: ;D

n then appeared the long awaited "32 inch Khurafaati smiles" (copyrighted) (the smile we wore since childhood on accomplishment of a mission of ours.. may it be loading sand in wet hair of a bathed surdy kid next door, or entailing an elder ;D) on both our faces as i moved following bro n my "so called wud be Bhabhi" pinching him hard in his belly n winking at him....

N I eventually ran to my "home sweet home" literally shouting ryt from the main gate "MOM!!!! MOM!!!! guess who I met today!!!!!"

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