Saturday, August 25

Dil Kya Chahta Hai??

The school life is sumthn u really cant forget or let go, particularly the last yr of school wen u get into the senior most class, mastying all the time, along wid the pressure of scoring good..

its been 6 yrs ive left school, but the moments tht I really cherish, are kindda embedded on the screen of my mind as such, n every now n then, the play button is pressed..
was juz reminded of one of those, so thot of jotting it down...

12th, the haunted course, (Board exams),
We used to have Eligibilty tests in mid Augusts. As the name suggests, they were meant for checking the eligibilty of the students, for the school can send the forms of the succesful students to the board.. though schools send the appearing forms for every student, still for the purpose of making students study harder, they had this formailty..

So coming back to the story,
We had our Eligibilty test.. n it was Accounts exam the next day.. n it was the day wen the movie was going to be released..

'Dil Chahta Hai'..

the most awaited movie of the yr.. n how could we miss the thrill of the "first day first show"..

Hard written practice n clarity of fundas, over confident me,
"yaar accounts ke exam ke liye bhi koi padta hai ek din pehle??"

n I dragged my Buddy Divya (she being the topper and I too not tht bad) to the show along wid a paltan of other "out of school" frnz who dint have any exam,
while other aspirants were burning their calories wid "Self Tutor" n "P.C. Tulsian"..

enjoyed like anything......
were rolling like anything wid Amir, Saif n Akshay....

n even after returning from the movie, literally "kasht nahi uthhya maine to books kholne ka"..
Divya wud have burnt her sleep of the nyt definitely..

n the dawn broke..

juz turned the pages once (quick revision), n i were all set for the exam..
Attempted the paper n came out humming as always.. another reason for humming was the "surroor" of the movie, plus the overwhelmed feeling of the exam going good without proper "last day" preps...

n the doomsday arrived.. it was wen the answer sheets were given back to us after assesment..
n as our beloved (sarcastic to the max extent) "Teji sir" called my name, i ran to get my paper..
he had his usual shrewd grinn on his face n told me "u got 78 on 100, but i gave u 48.. d u mind??"
I replied, in a tone as "not effected" as possible, "nuh-na" n came back to my seat..
(another story of the typical "khundak"- sum other time)

n then Divya's name was called..
n she scored 50..

wid a clean record for past 15 yrs of no red lines on the report card, expected was shock on both our faces of failing the exam.. (we had to get 50% to pass the exams in our school)

but insipte, imitating the astute smile of "Teji sir's", we looked at each other, n I asked "Dil Kya Chahta Hai?"

n Divya replied "another do (2) number"...

n we laughed out aloud......

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