Thursday, December 1

Its December!

My favorite month of the year? Kind of yes and kind of not. Another year came to an end, and analyzing what the year did to me- this is the part which I don't like much.
What I like about it is, Winters. Yes. My second favorite season of the year. Not year, well, it actually overlaps two years. So my second favorite season as such after monsoons of course.
So winters are officially here. I woke up this morning, to a cloudy and foggy and chilly weather. A very winter-ish morning, first of the season. I smiled. As if God followed calender religiously and knew, it is December, so fill the colors accordingly. November's last morning yesterday, was comparatively sunny.

Also, it was a fulfilling morning. I finished the one month challenge last night, I took up on the fiction Blog, I wrote about. Rising up to a feeling of gratification. 
The response received was enormous. Almost 1400 blog hits in one month. Way bigger than I had expected. Already received 2 requests to continue Shutter Inspired Micro Shots as a 365 day thing. Overwhelmed I am, but 365 day is a very very demanding commitment. 

This 30 day challenge was demanding as well given my frequent work related traveling. I had to schedule 4-5 posts twice to keep the challenge going. Taking up photos, thinking about stories to be woven on them, was a hell of a job. 
I had given up somewhere in the middle of the month, if only some people had not kept encouraging every day. Special mention to Punky, Lady Nimue and even MeethiMirchi. Thanks a lot for constant boosting, kind words of inspiration. Your constant comments on the posts, let me know that you were reading :)

No regrets though. All's well, that ends well. This, however, is not the end. Just a beginning.
A new beginning at the end of a year, sure sounds ironic, but then, its never too late :D
I felt sexy, because I felt creative all this Month. 
Hope December is as nice to me. In fact, now that I am in-charge, lets show 'em who the boss is. 
Summing it up in Linking Park's lines :) 

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Cяystal said...

December is my second favourite month. 1) Vacations 2) Christmas 3) A lot lot of birthdays.
I love this song by LP too !
Kaisi hai tuuuuuuuuu? :D

Anonymous said...

Decembers and winters are like my best buddies ... and you are being to kind on us, anyways commitments for prompts we know how difficult it is to keep it up :)

anyways it was great reading all of those I am sure the inspiration will be carried on :)

Nimue said...

Being Creative is totally sexy gal !! I know how you feel .. Remember all the poems I wrote in the last 30 days ! thank YOU for reading those and for your comments too :D

Richa said...

@ Crystal,
Yup yup :D all those reasons, i dint need to list down, no? :D i am awesome! how are you? lets catch up sometime. Gtalk?

@ Meethi mirchi,
thanks alot N, ill try my level best!

@ Nimue,
yes i totally know! :) you are one inspiration behind my project you know :)

Me said...

It is so wonderful to see YOU back...
Sometimes, it takes us while to find our way back to who we made it!!

Of course, me and you know all that I am talking about. I am so proud of you, for the way you have sailed through past couple of years and become the person that you are.

I know there are so many untold stories still somewhere there in some corner of your heart.. and many more wonderful pictures to be shared..

All the best with this wonderful phase of creative sexiness.. :P how abt calling urself creativesexy nw?


Richa said...

You know I sailed through it, because you were there by my side :)
I hope, i see you too past the turbulence soon :*

ashok said...

my fav month too...stylish blog!

☆ Rià ღ said...

I love December as a month. my current post speaks abt the reasons why i love dec so much! :) Perfectly summed up post.

Punkster said...

A little late in dropping a comment.

But nevertheless, it was a delight reading your pieces. You actually saw your photos like no one else could.

Keep up the good work bro.


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