Saturday, August 6

Another Year Wiser.

Wiser or not, I doubt, but I like to keep it that way. :D 
Never wanted to create a fuss about it, so kept away form Twitter, but somehow this Punky boy, who very fondly calls me his bro, (hugs for it) happened to remember. :) And hence proved that he just doesn't call me bro for the sake of it. :)
Well, I need to thank some 100 people on Twitter.  Cha.alo, I'll mange.
Among other news, many unexpected events took place. Some people always manage to outsmart me. Doing what I think they wouldn't and not doing what I think they would. Whatever be the reason. You know who you are if you are reading this. 
Also, my only Point and Shoot camera passed away just a few days back. So, I am kind of feeling handicapped. Very sad indeed. 

And, yes, Birthdays *ARE* overrated. 

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