Thursday, May 22

My Wishlist

Since my B'day is approaching, I thought of listing down a few things i would like to have as gifts:

1. A new myself (in urgent need to loose weight)

2. A new wardrobe including footwear (since if ill lose weight, my older clothes wudnt fit me)

3. A new job (which can keep me busy but excludes any work to do)

4. A Pug

5. Amnesia (partial & temporary memory loss)

2 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

simply my ideas said...

The fifth thing is interesting.. plz let me know if u can shop for that anywhere

Richa said...

"i read sumwhere", low memory is key to happiness. n amnesia doesnt come in a package to go n shop for, it has to be created. like as in custom made. to choose wat to forget n wat not!!

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